[ShogunGamer] XpanD 3D Video Interview

Corey Rollins writes: The days of strained eyes and gimmicky 3D seem to be coming to a close. At least, that's the impression Casey and I left with after a recent 3D presentation and tech demo from XpanD.

In North America the major brand of 3D Glasses in any given theater is RealD. Sure, this technology looks okay and gets the job done on a low manufacturing budget. But after seeing XpanD strut their stuff, RealD feels like something I might find in the bottom of my cereal box. Seriously, it's hot like fire. After watching a 20 minute full 3D PowerPoint, demonstration clips and playing the latest Avatar game using these glasses I had zero eye fatigue. I didn't feel the slightest bit strained or uncomfortable at any time during our entire time in the private press suite.

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