What Went Wrong With WiiWare, DSiWare, & PSP Minis?

Xbox 360's Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation 3's PlayStation Network have firmly established themselves as successful gaming platforms, capable of supporting a diverse ecosystem of titles. But after more than a year of operation, Wii's WiiWare still has difficulty attracting the same attention.

2009 saw the debut of yet more downloadable console game programs, this time for handhelds: DSiWare, exclusively for Nintendo's new DSi, and PSP Minis, for all models of PSP as well as PlayStation 3. Since launch, proprietors Nintendo and Sony have faced significant challenges establishing a reputation for -- or even awareness of -- their new services.

So what went wrong?

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PlainOldGamer3601d ago

What the heck are these guys talking about? I think WiiWare is awesome! Games like Final Fantasy CC (The Sim Ones) Castlevania & Contra Reboots And others like Pokemon Rumble and Bubble Bobble Plus. I think it's a great service and most of the games range from 10-15 dollers! I think DSI Ware has a few good games, but I'm not too sure on PSP Minis (Don't have a PSP Currently)

And yet they say PSN STORE & XBOX LIVE STORE are so much better? Well they are great but it's not fair for the Wii if you don't include all the great Virtual Console titles if you're going to compare. I personally think The WII has the best online store, if I'm going to spend money online it will be for WiiWare & Virtual Console. But I also like to get PS1 Classics too (They're Awesome) But this is all just my opinion.

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