CES 2010: Frag Dolls Say Splinter Cell Conviction Co-op Is Very Hard

Ironstarmovement writes:"I finally got my up close and personal look at Splinter Cell Conviction today, but this demonstration wasn't you're ordinary developer/PR demonstration that you guys might be use to seeing. The Frag Dolls' Spectra was on hand in all of her beauty to show me the game's basics."


Sorry guys the title should be "CES 2010: Frag Dolls Say Splinter Cell Conviction Co-op Can Be Fun And Challenging".

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MyBlasterRunsHot3602d ago

They're hot! Great to see girl gamers; shows that gaming isn't just for the stereotypical outlook upon the culture.

hay3602d ago

PR sense, tingling!
You guys realize those chicks are working for Ubisoft?

If it's hard, colour me interested.

FantasyStar3602d ago

Exactly, those girls are as useful as Booth Babes. Don't expect Frag Dolls to say anything bad about a Ubisoft product.

MyBlasterRunsHot3602d ago

I actually didn't know they worked for Ubisoft; though I still believe girl gamers are ftw!

ThaTruthMVP3602d ago

.. and another thing to actually see. These girls are the real deal.

hankmoody3602d ago

Having a wife or girlfriend that is an avid gamer herself is one thing I consider myself blessed to have. Sometimes she'll just plop down on the couch and say, "I wanna watch you play something. Put on Dead Space." I mean, what more can a guy ask for? :)

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THE MAX SPEED 213602d ago

thats because females arent Hardcore enough! ;)
jk jk.

Thats good to know! I dont like easy games.

JsonHenry3602d ago

The hard part was them working as a team. If they would stop gossiping so much and stop bickering over who borrowed their clothes without asking the co-op may not have been so hard.

3602d ago
ThaTruthMVP3602d ago

She made Sam Fisher look too bad ass. The skill is tremendous

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The story is too old to be commented.