Halo Reach revealed in Edge

CVG: Bungie's last Halo exposed in next issue; See all-new art here

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N4PS3G3597d ago

what what what what what!? scans! scans! scans! scans!

let's be real...we'll probably get the Gameinformer scans later today

darkmurder3597d ago

No we cant listen or read Edge because they're biased....

siyrobbo3597d ago

i enjoy edge because they have some good previews, and they are quite often industry orientated, their reviews suck balls, but i tend not to read reviews anyway, if i want to play a game i'll play it regardless of what anybody else says

PrimordialSoupBase3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

Don't mind n4g zealots, they've never even picked up and read an issue of Edge. Instead, they just call them biased because the mag's critical analysis doesn't align with their sad little religion.

And agreed on the preview front, but I also have to disagree and say that their reviews are some of the most intelligent and accurate out there - the majority of the time.

kalebgray923597d ago

i just saw the god of war 3 scans and now halo reach soon

Christopher3597d ago

What!? Big huge Microsoft news in Edge Magazine!? Who woulda thunkit?

Oh, wait, anyone with half a brain cell.

Well, hopefully I'll get some useful information out of this when my copy arrives.

3597d ago
jack_burt0n3596d ago

Any multi console owner will tell u edge magazine is total and utter trash. Great for pretty pictures and nothing else.

I would rather read ps3 game reviews in OXM :)

SaberEdge3596d ago

The only people that seem to think Edge are biased are PS3 fanboys. I think Edge put out a quality magazine. I never agree 100% with the reviews of any magazine, but I think they do a good job with their reviews.

Anyway, I can't wait to see more about Halo Reach. Those scans got me so pumped.

3596d ago
jimbone3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

@madden10 : It has been demonstrated multiple times : you are biased and worthless

@madden10: maths and probabilities say you're wrong and you are heavily biased

CWMR3596d ago

-Sure, Madden10. That is why they gave Little Big Planet a perfect10. I don't even think it deserved a 10. People are never all going to have the same taste in games. Maybe to them those PS3 games that got lower scores just weren't good games. I know some of you PS3 fanatics think every PS3 exclusive deserves nothing but straight 10s just for being a PS3 exclusive, but give it up.

Halo Reach is probably the game I want the most this year. Those scans in the other article made me even more excited. It looks incredible.-

WildArmed3596d ago

lol you bring up Edge and everyone starts a fight.

Imo Edge is crap.. (not saying its biased or not).. it's one place i never goto get my news.

I just use Metacritic for my 'point-scale' review for my to-buy games.
And go read IGN/Gametrailres/G4TV/1Up/etc etc reviews when I'm intrigued about the game.
If edge does have exclusive info on Reach, then i may have to pick it up (or wait for their website to bring it online)

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nighmare233597d ago

Bungie's last halo game? really? i'll give them 4 years and they will be back, halo is to big of a game. anyway last game "reach" will rock and the online awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww CANT WAIT! until then BC:2 ill be playing when it comes out^^

TOO PAWNED3597d ago

they said "last game" since Halo 3

Braska3597d ago

Time to finish the fight... again.

Tiberium3597d ago

It really is their last halo game because 343 studios is taking over halo as an IP altogether. And they're working on future halos. Not to mention Bungie said they are working on their new IP.

Omega43597d ago

Wow just one image, slightly disappointed

Antan3597d ago

Thats why they want you to buy the magazine.

peeps3597d ago

"Thats why they want you to buy the magazine. "

tbh back in the day i bought overpriced magazines like opm and oxm but now most info appears on the internet first and i bet the day this mag's released some1 will have posted the scans on the internet anyway

THE MAX SPEED 213597d ago

PLEASE Post the scans SOON!!!

GeoramA3597d ago

Halo game = automatic 10/10 from them

3597d ago
3596d ago
iron_sheik3596d ago

looks exactly like halo 3

absolute disappointment

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