Bach: 360, PS3 have plenty of power to offer, Nintendo can't say that

CC: Microsoft's Robbie Bach has said that the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 still have plenty of power to offer, but Nintendo can't say that about their console.

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Staircase3594d ago

Someone's 3 years late to the party.

mal_tez923594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

I swear some games from last gen look better than Wii games.

I thought 360 maxxed out with Gears of War, but games like Resident evil 5 and Batman AA showed me wrong; with Mass Effect 2 looking even better

The PS3 shows no signs of slowing down. It started with Uncharted blowing the 360 away graphically back in 2007. Then games like MGS4 and Killzone 2 getting even more impressive. But now Uncharted 2 looks another step ahead of anything we've seen before (on consoles).
But this trend can only continue for so long, Ps3 hardware is like 4 years old now. Who knows when this generation will max out?

Zedux3594d ago

I'm getting sick of those articles trying to stick the 360 in the same league with the PS3 when it comes to graphics. 360 is one generation behind it's like the guy going fishing with Eminem and trying to appear in the photos with him. I say 360 get away stop trying to stick to the PS3's knees you moron!

Chris3993594d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

That was almost a compliment, certainly an acknowledgement. Possibly even respect.

I'd like to see an MS/ Sony console. MS' hype, marketing and aggression with Sony's refined engineering, software and creative studios.

It you all put down your torches and pitchforks and stopped shouting at each other for a minute, you might see that this is not a bad idea. Even financially, while complicated, it would be a blessing for both companies. Twice the resources, 1/3 less the competition. From a consumer standpoint too, buying two separate HD consoles and games is a bit of a pain.

Maybe I'm dreaming, but business partnerships are formed in the strangest of ways.

All the fanboys around here would have to find another hobby though :)

/bends over and prepares for bubble-rape (please be gentle :P)


weazel3593d ago

Nice to see common sense prevailing for once! People need to stop seeing slights where there are none, and realize a compliment is sometimes.........wait for it..........
...a compliment.
As for the sonysoft uberconsole. The gaming, networking, and IP's that that beast would unleash would unceremoniously flatten the wii, (And its wiifit fanatics), but with each console and company having differing agendas, sadly it's just pie in the sky. Shame.

xboxlj3593d ago

"I'm getting sick of those articles trying to stick the 360 in the same league with the PS3 when it comes to graphics. 360 is one generation behind it's like the guy going fishing with Eminem and trying to appear in the photos with him. I say 360 get away stop trying to stick to the PS3's knees you moron!"

Wow you truly are a delusional fanboy. The 360 is defiantly in the the league with the PS3 and argumentatively the 360 is better. Do you honestly believe the 360 is a generation behind the ps3? If so, I would be careful whom I call a moron.

Bathyj3593d ago

Robbie, dont try to cozy up to PS3 as if you were equals. Its a widely accepted fact now that PS3 has much more room to grow.

Not to say XB can make great looking games, much improvement can be made artistically, but technically, you were at 90% on Gears 1 imo. Nothing has much improved since then. Gears, and I suppose Gears 2 are still the best looking games. That speaks volumes to me, where as PS3's bench mark keeps getting raised and raised.

Of course you need the artist to do that as well, another problem with M$. They'd rather hire guns (buying DLC) then train their own soldiers, (supporting 1st parties.)

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mjolliffe3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

That's EA's opinion. Microsoft are standing up for PS3 with something here!

@below - I didn't say it wasn't important. I just said that's their opinion. And this is Microsoft's opinion on it.

dinsurya3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

EA's opinion means alot in the gaming industry.

@ below
Yes, I remember.
But unlike ND, EA didnt have any interest behind their words.

THE MAX SPEED 213594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

smh @ Dinsuryaa.

Do you remember when Uncharted 2 Devs said they had Maxed out the PS3 around the time the game was about to come out? that's a stunt used by devs to make their games sell even more because people will want to buy the games with the best graphics. (the game does have great graphics) but they dint really Maxed out the console at all.

just a few days ago the same devs said that There's still alot of power in the PS3 and thats true.

so whenever a dev say they maxed out a console you shouldnt believe them right away.

kneon3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

There are XBox and PS3 games that max out both systems, that means that they are using pretty much all available resources (CPU, SPU, GPU, Memory etc.) But that does not mean that things can't still improve. The software can usually be made more efficient. When developers are in a hurry, as devs usually are, they may have to get something working quickly and won't have time to fully optimize. Writing quick and dirty code is easy, writing well thought out, efficient code is time consuming and difficult.

kingnick3593d ago

So EA think they have utilised 100% of the 360's power? That may be the case but clearly they aren't utilising it effectively as there's a lot of third party games out there that look better then many of EA's offerings.

As of late it looks like EA's leading all their games on PS3 then doing very little to optimise them for 360 so as to make both versions similar with the possible addition of AA on the 360 ports.

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scruffy_bear3594d ago

He's just speaking the truth

8thnightvolley3594d ago

dude is from MS.. and he is saying fact.. ps3 and 360 and not maxed out just yet.. and this year we will see just y its true with all the brilliant games coming out on both platforms..

Maisay3594d ago

In the words of the great Homer Simpson: "DOH!"

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