Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising Release Date Revealed

THQ has confirmed the release date of the forthcoming expansion to the widely respected PC exclusive Real-Time Strategy (RTS), Dawn of War II. Developed by Relic Entertainment, Dawn Of War II: Chaos Rising returns players to sub sector Aurelia with fifteen new missions in it's single-player campaign, and features an all-new playable army, the traitorous Chaos Space Marines.

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peeps3598d ago

annoying that so many games are out in the next few months but i absolutely love dow2. i know a lot of fans of the original don't like the changes the series went through but for me personally it's the best rts i've played in a while.

really looking frwd to this expansion, especially since when i was a kid and actually collected warhammer, chaos where my army :p

ps3ftwin3598d ago

dawn of war2 was awesome.

Letros3598d ago

Its really an amazing RTS or RTT as some may call it. I have logged so many hours on this game, and really looking forward to the expansion.

3598d ago
t8503598d ago

probably the best looking rts game out there.

Guitardr853598d ago

Yeah I loved doW but DoW2 went to too much RTT instead of RTS. Im really afraid that C&C4 is going that route too...

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