Videogamer: MAG Hands-on Preview

Videogamer writes: "The MAG open beta, which concluded last week, began with a disclaimer: "The MAG public beta is a work-in-progress and not the final game. The graphics, gameplay, features, audio and performance is not representative of the final game. The game content and experience will change and improve for release of the final game." Whoa there tiger. We get it: betas only tell half the story. Unfortunately, in this case, the first half of the story doesn't bode well for the finished article."

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solidworm3600d ago

the bit where he said you run in and get sniped immediately and then rinse and repeat never happened once to me in a full week of playing the game,......does this guy suck at games or what.

Baba19063600d ago

has never happend to me either.

OGharryjoysticks3600d ago

"MAG's clan system allows players to easily form groups of like-minded players, but most people won't use it."

Not only is this guy a noob, but he doesn't have friends :)