Bach: '70% or 80%' of Worldwide publishers working on Natal games

President of Entertainment & Devices Division at Microsoft, Robbie Bach has said that around 70% or 80% of worldwide developers are working on Natal-based games.

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Government Cheese3594d ago

If he is to be believed, then that is a lot of games I'd say.

mjolliffe3594d ago

I would say around 15 games at launch, then the first year will be vital for software releases on Natal.

darkmurder3594d ago

Thats great for the first year then what?

ThatCanadianGuy3594d ago

As much as i want to love Natal..

I can't think of anything other than the casual shovelware games they are going to release at launch.

Unless it's done well with Fable 3.(Hopefully not plagued with glitches like fable 2)

baum3594d ago

Microsoft and Nintendo are basically leaving the hardcore gaming market for Sony, which is great since PS3 is the best console on the planet anyway.

Mothman3594d ago

Sounds good that it's getting the support it deserves. The technology is definitely immersive. I'd love for developers to explore new areas of gaming.

Guido3593d ago

Key word there guys, PUBLISHERS, not developers. Any publisher can put out a game but what makes a game great is the developer. You can have 80% of the publishers publishing games by the worst developers in the world and it only means you are getting poor shovelware games like the Wii. Don't get your hopes up until the thing arrives.

Perkel3593d ago

yeah if he think considering = working, he may say it...

Morbid Bulldozer3593d ago

@Guido: ROTFL. That's the worst spin attempt ever. If they said "developers" instead of "publishers", or announced that Naughty Dog is working on Natal, you'd whine "Buh, buh, they didn't say they'll work hard!". Classic N4G.

Guido3593d ago

Spin? I think not. It's not my fault that you do not know the difference between being a publisher or being a developer... Living in bliss are we?

Morbid Bulldozer3593d ago

Hey, I enjoy it. At least I don't have to look for conspiracies everywhere. If someone says "80% of publishers" I see "80% of publishers" and not "We are the great Corporation of Evil! We will trick you into thinking that we'll have a lot of games, but we'll have less than that! Mwahahaha!". Besides, how many publishers are there? Even if each one works on exactly one game, that's still quite a lot. And according to other news, companies like EA or Epic are working on several Natal projects. We can't judge quality yet, but it seems that quantity is covered.

rockleex3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

A developer develops games.

There are MUCH more developers than there are publishers.

80% of publishers could mean just 10 games. While 80% of developers would mean thousands of games.

I don't see how Guido stating the facts can be seen as a "spin".

N4G, the only place where:

Real Facts = Spin
Opinions = Facts

Bucky Sligo3593d ago

Dude, seriously, that's just silly.

Why do you two automatically assume that it is the WORST developers working for the publishers? That's called SPIN, not facts because we don't know anything about the developers working for these publishers. And 10 games in development right now is a lot.

"Real Facts = Spin, Opinions = Facts" <--- This is EXACTLY what you and Guido just did. lol!

Guido3593d ago

The only spin here is that of Robby bach and his quote from the article. He would have you believe that just because 80% of the publishers publishing games for natal makes for great games but the honest look into it is that publishers mean nothing and he should have stated the number of developers and perhaps even gone as far as to name them who are creating games for Natal. In the end, who cares how many publishers they have, publishers do not make games. The point here is, they should tell us what developers are there and then it would have been more forthcoming.

You can claim all you want but all I did was state that to say they have 80% of the worlds publishers publishing games for them does not in fact tell the truth behind what types of games we will see on Natal.

Geesh, you MS fanboys sure get your panties in a bunch over facts these days.

Qui-Gon Jim3593d ago

I don't think they are ASSUMING that the WORST developers are working on Natal, but you're right that it wasn't quite fair to say that because it could also be the BEST developers working on it. I think the point they are trying to make is that there are only a few publishers, so saying 80% makes it sound like there will be more games than there will be. I just ran through my whole collection and counted 14 publishers. Certainly there are more than that, but don't confuse publishers for developers (Morbid Bulldozer, EA is a publisher, Epic is a developer). For example, EA is, obviously, a huge publisher that puts out probably dozens of games each year. Them having ONE title for Natal in the works would put them on this list, though they probably do have more.

MS is going to make sure Natal has a healthy launch, no doubts about that. Just don't think that 80% of publishers making at least one game for Natal each means a whole lot. They used the most impressive number they had.

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dangert123594d ago

I'm excited to see what they will do maybe grab maself a casual sports game and party game and then just hardcare titles after that i'd like to see this implamented it PG5 and i heard killer instanct will be coming will natal games only support natal is controller options ? it would be good to know you can switch back to the trusty pad when your tired of moving around

mjolliffe3594d ago

I would think 75% of Natal games would let you turn back to the controller. Though Microsoft want it to become the future, and replace controllers.

N4Garbage3594d ago

I actually don't think MS is taking the processor out of Natal.

I think they are trying to get people to underestimate it until its actually shown with some of these new softwares.

Would MS make the developers already working on Natal projects start all over at the expense of the processor they were probably utilizing?

Something just doesn't sound right...

Can't wait to see what Natal brings.

3593d ago
Qui-Gon Jim3593d ago

They removed the processor to reduce consumer cost. I'm sure some developers were a little pissed about losing that processor power, but it was a smart move by Microsoft. After all, Natal's target audience has proven with the Wii that they don't care about graphics, so lower cost means more sales for MS, probably without sacrificing profit margin per unit, either.

Doc Sony3594d ago

There's a ton of devs working on Wii games too.

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