Modern Warfare 2 Gets New Playlist Update in Order to Stop New Glitch

Robert Bowling, Infinity Ward Community Manager, confirmed via tweeter that Modern Warfare 2 is getting another playlist update – this time in order to stop the new "ice skating" glitch that allows players to move five times faster than normal.

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ASSASSYN 36o3600d ago

In other words a new hack (cause it's not a glitch) will pop up. Probably allowing you to turn invisible.

iistuii3600d ago

But all they can do is keep fixing the problems each time they find one. If people want to cheat/glitch they will find a way. I can honestly say ive had no problems at all with MW2, i still enjoy it.

TheHater3600d ago

They find one? Please, the people that play this game are the one that keep finding this "problems." Why is it that only Infinity Ward games are the only once being hack on console this generation?

dalibor3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

Same here, I think I was in a match though where someone spawned a predator missle right away but other than that match I haven't run into any real game breaking matches so far. Thank goodness b/c that would make me not want to play it as much. Am I the only one who would love to be able to play the levels from COD4 in MW2?

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3600d ago

Yes, same here!

I love some of the maps in COD4 and would really like to see that happen.

I just played COD4 for the first time since getting Modern Warfare 2 and it brought back a lot of good memories. :)

StanLee3599d ago

How about they fix people getting XP from private, modded games?! People have reach 10th prestige in a day because they're in private games getting 7000 XP for 1 kill. That is bullsh*t. It's discouraging to someone like me who put in the time to play the game the right way. I'm 70 3rd prestige and I'm not going any further.

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iistuii3600d ago

Because there is millions more people on this game online than any other game on any console, so the chances are they'll be more people trying to cheat/hack. I didn't mean when THEY find them they fix them , i meant that when there is a problem they do fix it. As i say there isn't a problem for me , I and millions of others still enjoy it. It's just funny that on N4G everyone seems to hate it so much, yet when i go on it theres full lobbies and millions of people playing it across all platforms. And yeah it would be great to beable to play COD4 maps too .

rockleex3599d ago

Why doesn't World of Warcraft get hacked?

Come on. Infinity Ward decided not to do a beta, and instead they want us to pay $60 for the beta!!

solidworm3600d ago

is the worst game this gen,...awful.

JeffGUNZ3599d ago

I guess you never played Haze.

BubbleSystemSuck3600d ago

This game deserve a Copy Protection Savefile... is a joke howmuch hacked is

3599d ago
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