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Pipomantis writes: I'm not really what one could call a Devil May Cry lover. I played a few hours through the first one, totally forgot the second (and fate told me I was right), died like 40 times on the third one's first couple of levels and had a few hours spent on the fourth installment. But all in all, I've always wanted to love that damn game, without really being able to do it. Never knew if that was because of the difficulty, the genre itself, or Dante acting like teenage douchebag, but I never got into it. But when Hideki Kamiya announced Bayonetta and showed it behind closed doors during E3 2008, I was pissing myself with exaltation. What I saw was the ultimate action game and I wanted to play it so bad that any other game this year seemed dull (well, except Super Street Fighter IV, obviously). And here it is, between my hands, finished once, and waiting for me to deflower its New Game +.

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LeonSKennedy4Life3599d ago

So glad an article has the word "fap" in it. : )