Which Next Gen Console? A Fair, concise, critique.

Playstation, Wii or Xbox? Hopefully, the latter three words in the post title have dissuaded the most ardent fanboys from contributing!

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drtysouf214739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

PS3: My favorite. Packed with Technology. Future proof. Blu-ray looks outstanding on my 65in 1080p DLP. Huge backwards compatibility for PS2 and PS1 games. Huge potential for games that i'm interested in(Final Fantasy XIII, Metal Gear Solid 4, Lair, LittleBigPlanet, Pain, Killzone 2,Heavenly Sword, Uncharted Drake's Fortune, Eye of Judgement.) Home!

360: 2nd favorite. Great online integration, Bigger "Next Gen" game catalog (do to year headstart) HD-DVD add on.

Wii: 3rd favorite. Fun with friends and family, new way to play games,
Zelda and Zelda and of course Zelda.

Diselage4739d ago

quite the tv there, congrats.

Assumedkilla4739d ago

I own a PS3/360 and I don't honestly see how any real gamer can say the PS3 is better right now. It only has 2 good exclusives right now Resistance & Motorstorm (and their not great). Everything else good is on 360 and most of the time the 360 version is better, and XBL is alot better than PSN.

I am not saying the PS3 won't get good in the future, but looking at it right now, only a fanboy would say its the best next gen console.

drtysouf214739d ago

i wouldn't own all 3 if i was and i never bash any of the consoles. I can have an opinion of which is better. I'm the type of person that when i invest in something my biggest motivator is how long it will last. I bought my 1080p tv last september when there was barely any 1080p devices out there so my tv will last for a long time because 1080p devices are just starting to take off. Sony took steps to ensure the PS3 would be around for a long time.
Reasons why i believe its future proof.

Blu-ray for disc space
Hard drive in every model
HDMI 1.3
Firmware updates atleast once or twice a month
Almost 100% backwards compatibility (Huge game library)
Good history of supporting their product for many years PS2

Everyone complains about PS3 not having games......well they do have several games and the AAA titles will start coming this fall. But in the mean time i can

Play current PS3 games (Resistance, Virtua Fighter, Calling All Cars, Motorstorm)
Tap into the HUGE PS1 and PS2 library
Enjoy beautiful 1080p Blu-ray movies

Fact is i'm more comfortable knowing the HUGE potential PS3 has then enjoying what the 360 has already brought to the table. 360 has just about done it all so there is not much room to expand. PS3 was just born and has alot of growth ahead of it.

felidae4739d ago

that's exactly what i'm thinking.

Keyser4739d ago

Nice set up Dirty...I feel the same way you do. I got my tv in November and there weren't many 1080p's to choose from and many device that could give me a 1080p natively.

I got my 360 at launch and my PS3 in March because I could afford the speakers, receiver, tv at the same. In any event, I like my 360 and it is there are some good games coming out. it probably gets the most play because some of my friends haven't made the leap to next gen and we still play Halo 2 but I haven't bought a game for it since Gears. The PS3 gets a lot of playing time.

Here's my set up:

gunnar29064739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

Agree! The same here!
In the same order =)

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TaylorB4739d ago

This blog is only three weeks old, and out of it's 10 posts, there isn't a single comment.

Regardless of his opinion, I don't think what he says carries any more weight than any other commenter on Perhaps if his article was a bit more technical and each system was given more than 4-5 sentences with a full explanation of his position I would be willing to give his advice more credence.

BUT, it's not. So is this really news? I don't think so.

Wargasm4739d ago

This is flame bait if nothing else... there isnt anything mentioned in this short article that we didnt already know.

Hydrolex4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

PS3 can do better job ! Do you even think why PS3 exclusives such as Grand Turismo Hd and Motorstorm graphic look better than most 360 games ? Because they are exclusive and they are not ported. Look at Gears Of War. That game is GREEN and foggy. GTHD has better graphic than Gears of War.

PS3 is a patient monster that is sitting and waiting. Nextyear this monster will stand up and pounch other consoles in the face and
destroy them like PS2 did.

OoOLeafsOoO4739d ago

I own an XBox 360, ya we had a head start! Hell the PS3 is an amazing piece of hardware, if there is a price drop believe me ill get it, but with the lack of games i dont think ill get it just yet. With the Wii, im not sure if ill get it because im not a casual gamer, but its fun to just pick up and kill time with, its a blast! Ill always be Microsoft all the way but I am in no way biased. I respect all systems that are made because people put hard work into them, unlike retards like u who are biased jackasses

Kokoro4739d ago

Are "Fanboyant" .

Yes I'll trademark the name.

WIIIS14739d ago

I like how you say PS3 is a patient monster sitting and waiting, 'cos most monsters by their very nature are out on a rampage... except of course when they're taking a crap.

AngryTypingGuy4739d ago

Is GTHD even out yet? I went on GameSpot's game page, and the only games that start with a G are Gauntlet II, Genji: Days of the Blade, and GripShift. They all had ratings in the low to mid 6.0 range.

Gears of War is extremely impressive in the visuals department. You probably shouldn't use that as the graphical measuring stick to compare a game that's not even out yet. Chances are, it will fall short.

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Booneral4739d ago

Yeah, that's exactly why Gears scored a clean 10 in graphics department I guess. Because it's green and foggy. Oh wait, I forgot that people with fanboy-type nicknames lack something in objectivity department. Seriously, I wouldn't care if your comment was personal opinion like drtysouf21's comment, whatever side you are on, I don't care, I just love next-gen gaming but whenever a fanboy makes such straight claims about games, I can't stop myself from clicking the ignore button.

SF49er4084739d ago

get the one with the best games now

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