CES 2010 Hands On: EyePet (Gamertell)

Gamertell offers its hands-on impressions of the Eye Pet for PS3 that was being demonstrated at CES 2010.

From Gamertell:

"EyePet is one of those games that can catch and hold the attention of even the most serious gamers. This unique simulation of pet care was being showcased at CES 2010 and I sat down to give EyePet a try."

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sinncross3603d ago

I know this is getting motion control support through a patch... maybe Sony should add 3D while they're at it... that would be so weird but cool at the same time.

hatchimatchi3603d ago

I've had eyepet for a few months now. I only played it for a few days and haven't touched it since. Not because I don't like it but because I have too many games i'm trying to finish. It's pretty fun and it works surprisingly well, i'm really looking forward to see how my niece and nephews react to it. If sony markets this thing correctly and heavily I could see this being a system seller. What child doesn't want an interactive pet that you can teach tricks, play games and put outfits on?