Gamekult Review: New Super Mario Bros.Wii

Gamekult: he first impression is not necessarily good, but it is difficult to dispose of it or shut up. Both Super Mario Galaxy and its management at 360 ° displacement provided a fertile ground for all experiments, the risk to go in all directions at once, as we found in ground arch known in New Super Mario Bros.. Wii.

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PlainOldGamer3594d ago

A 7/10? A you freaking kidding me! They go and say that the WII version is just a recycle of the ds version wow! That's like saying Halo 3 is just a recycle of Halo 2. Apparently recycled levels to them means 9 BRAND NEW worlds all featuring new levels and gameplay mechanics. 4 PLAYER CO-OP NEW POWER UPS And it looks amazing to boot! I'm really starting to wonder if people forgot how fun games were. I absolutely love this game and if anyone wonders if this game is worth buying a Wii i would say yes. It's a blast for newcomers & veterans alike. Not to mention a great game for family/friends since it has Co-Op.