Ubisoft CCO Talks Six New IPs / Hints at Beyond Good & Evil 2 + Top 20 New IPs

This article over at Gameplayer entitled 'Starting From Scratch' looks into the risks and rewards of working on a new IP. It includes an in-depth interview with Ubisoft's Chief Creative Officer Serge Hascoet, and also explores the top 20 new IPs heading our way.

"As much as we look forward to the likes of 'Halo 3' and 'Grand Theft Auto 4', there is nothing quite like the wonderment of seeing a trick performed for the very first time. With 'Red Steel' now on the market and 'Assassin's Creed' deep in production, we wonder if the magician has anything left up his sleeve. Thankfully, it would appear that his sleeves are extremely well-stocked. "We are currently working on six new IPs that will be launched within the next two years," Hascoet says."

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Diselage4730d ago

Beyond good and evil 2? Nice. Quite the submission by the way, a lot of related games.

ApocalypseShadow4730d ago

and it better not be just for nintendo wii.

i was thinking of playing that this week.

Dr Pepper4730d ago (Edited 4730d ago )

I can't wait for Alan Wake. A free-roaming horror game with great graphics sounds (and looks) like a lot of fun to me.

TruthHurts4730d ago

Is the best game no one played.

you should be ashamed of yourselves. LOL

Seraphim4730d ago (Edited 4730d ago )

while it certainly ranks up there I'd have to either say flat out, or tied w/ Beyond Good and Evil is Okami. Another one of the best that no one played. Although it seems that more people may have played Okami...

Great article though. Even better was the fact they listed 20 great new IPs coming soon...

Ubisoft is awesome. Sure they don't always release the ports and are sequel heavy but unlike other developers [cough, EA] at least Ubi does take it's earnings and invest into new IPs [instead of crappy Movie licenses & profit]. They make an effort to give back to gamers and the gaming community, and have come up w/ some brilliant games in a relatively short period of time...

Phantom_Lee4730d ago

It's so sad that Spider-man 3 sold more than games like Okami and Beyond Good And Evil....

*point to the world* what's wrong with u people!!!!!

TheXgamerLive4730d ago

I was addicted from start to finsh. I'd love to see a BG&E2.

Rybnik4730d ago

Yes, this is something we all can agree on, there needs to be a sequel made!!! (As long as its not Wii exclusive) lol

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