Artist Resume Reveals Princess Ashe In Project Fortress

Siliconera: Recently, Square Enix president Yoichi Wada stated that he was open to the idea of outsourcing the Final Fantasy franchise to western developers.

Information on Project Fortress trickled out onto the net for weeks following its initial discovery by way of artist resumés. But the extent of our knowledge of the game at the time was that it was set in Ivalice and may or may not be directly connected to Final Fantasy XII… at least until now.

After coming across the above concept art for Ashe from yet another artist resumé, it's probably safe to assume there was a stronger connection to FFXII than we initially believed. Her crown, which looks similar to the one worn by Raminas, would suggest that she's gone up the majestic ladder since her FFXII days. This probably means Fortress takes place sometime in the future.

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MonHun3594d ago

Too bad its canceled.

Noctis Aftermath3594d ago

They should let XII die, don't ever resurrect it, if it's been canceled then don't mind my post.

3594d ago