Unofficial M.A.G Trailer Shows Off Massive Potential

Among the most anticipated titles this year sits M.A.G, a record-breaking 256-player online first-person shooter. M.A.G, or Massive Action Game, was playable under Open Beta for the past week and thousands of PlayStation 3 owners worldwide were able to test the game out and provide feedback for the developers. Now that M.A.G is only weeks away from official release, many first-person shooter fans worldwide are anticipating the arrival of this next-generation vision created by Zipper Interactive, the team that also created the award-winning SOCOM series.

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edwineverready3599d ago

I am getting it. SVER all the way!

darkmurder3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Those graphics are amazing in the cutscenes, really looks like the beta and full release!!!! ..... /s

Foliage3599d ago

WTF? The game looks incredible. Show me another game that can pull 256 players on screen and have a locked framerate like MAG does... yeah that's right, shut up.

You probably own a 360, where it gets plagued with lag in a 5v5 match, and yet the graphics suck. Pathetic.

krouse933599d ago

This game really got me interested after playing the Beta I was not so interested before i played the Beta but now I'm Hyped to the MAX!

mauleriscool3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Most mmo games like warcraft have 3000+ ppl on a server. The most I've had on screen in mag was probably about 50 ppl.

RememberThe3573599d ago

Looks like darkmuder got his ass murdered in MAG...

I'm not even a huge fan of MAG and I'll admit that the game looks great for all that is going on on-screen.

darkmurder3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Lol MAG is easy anyways all you do is sit and camp. Ever heard of Aion or even Age of Conan? Yep MMO's do this on a much larger scale and with much better graphics. Sorry but for 256 players sure it looks ok far from bad but compared to something like Bad Company 2 which will probably be modded to have up to 128 players its pretty lame, decent for consoles though.

@Foliage I own a PC which floors even the PS3's best game uncharted 2 with great graphics and still large players where its actually constant entertainment not just having 256 players running across the map not knowing what to do unlike in say Battlefield.

Mothman3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Have you ever played Wintergrasp? Anything more than 200 players in the same zone will cause a delay of around 30 sec. This game does amazingly considering the amount of action that goes on in small areas. As you must know, the 3000 players you allegedly talk about are spread across multiple servers, instances and world servers and such. (Addition) Yet again you name MMOs whose engines have proven to be incredibly weak when handling massive battles in a certain areas. Aion did it better than AOC, but could still not handle more than 70-80 players before causing incessant delays and slowdowns.

Edited to include 1.6

Obama3599d ago

The graphic is not bad at all; definitely better than Halo ODST.

3599d ago
baum3599d ago

I can't wait for games to surpass 10,000 per match and feel like an actual war. The only problem would be people that sign-off, but I imagine you'd have to pay a huge amount of money per match. I'd say 3 to up to 12 hours matches, or hell, even weeks of playing for vacations, and for every day online I guess it could cost up to $9.99, depending on the complexity of the game.

Obama3599d ago

Darkmurder you don't have a ps3; you haven't played MAG and BF beta, so stop acting like you have played the games.

darkmurder3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Ill take a photo for you if you want with a piece of paper with darkmurder and MAG running hows that for u?

Here you go! Now for the 1 million disagrees crying fake.... get over it guys MAG will be a good game at best, it will be good but not great or the next call of duty!

Obama3599d ago

Good if you have played the beta then you should know the graphic is not bad at all. Nobody is praising the game for its stellar graphic either.

darkmurder3599d ago

The graphics aren't bad but all the usual PS3 boys are just overexaggerating how good it really is. It gets the job done but it is not good such as the article the other day saying its graphics impress visually. There's a difference between impressing visually and doing good considering the constraints of what the developer is doing.

Maddens Raiders3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

bubbles guys ^^^^ and make N4G a better place. This guy bashes the PS3 daily -- wake up.

darkmurder3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Come off it, a few articles I have posted in where I have disagreed with it. Contrary to what you might think I actually enjoy some PS3 games heck Uncharted 2 was my favourite game from last year its the just the PS3 fanboys on this site who annoy the hell out of me with their propaganda someone needs to provide an alternative opinion.

Check my threads from the other couple of days, yep thats me bashing PS3 daily..... today I've pointed out a few things and yet I'm a PS3 basher daily because of one day.

Maddens Raiders3599d ago

unless you slow down your hate of PS3 games and exclusive for no other reason than being that of an empty voice of PS3 hate (like soda Popinsky), then yes your bubbles will diminish here my friend. Do you think you are going to be able to sit back and make these ridiculous, baseless and totally unchallenged claims about a game or game(s) that we play everyday.....? Get real buddy.


"The graphics aren't bad but all the usual PS3 boys are just overexaggerating how good it really is. It gets the job done but it is not good such as the article the other day saying its graphics impress visually. There's a difference between impressing visually and doing good considering the constraints of what the developer is doing."

iF YOU knew anything about ZI you would know that graphics are not an area where they have a "strong suit" exactly... so what are you saying --- do you even know...?

If this is not the game for you since you are a graphics HOG it would seem then you need to stick to MGS4 or UC2 even though it's a third person shooter or KILLZONE 2 (at the least) really for your fps fix.

But, if your're going to bytch and moan over beta graphics then we have a special for you here on N4G.... let's see if you like it...

...and who are these "usual PS3 fanboys" you speak of.... I would love to know....?

end FUD

Mothman3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

I'm all for people expressing their opinion, especially when it's done in an orderly manner. However, I do believe you are over-exaggerating your views on the graphics. They are by no means "bad", but they won't take home any awards in that department unless one considers the technical feat this game delivers. One of the points you make that is valid though, is the one about the player-base. For this game to be enjoyable on all levels of gaming, ranging from casual to a more competitive clan action environment, it will be very sales-dependent. However, I believe you again underestimate the sales of ps3 exclusives which you state "generally don't sell well enough" (paraphrasing). Considering it offers a new (not going to use unique) experience in the simulation of tactical ground warfare, much like the battle field project reality mod, I find it plausible that this game will appeal to the crowd that finds more "old school" (cs and battlefield) shooters in terms of gameplay.


On a side note. I don't see why hyping a game is such a bad thing. It's not like people haven't been able to test the beta, decided on whether they find it intriguing and anticipate it's release with excitement. I've been "excited" over coming games for the last 15 years, sometimes I'm disappointed by the end product. But the gems and experiences I've had with certain games, have stayed with me all my adult life.

ThanatosDMC3599d ago

Just one thing... the rocket launcher or anti tank does not blow up a tank like that. It usually takes... ummm... twenty shots??? Of course i exaggerate but those things take forever to explode and you can literally use it as a via road kills. Those APCs arent tanks they're suppose to be less armored. I wish there were tanks though... just like in BF2.

darkmurder3599d ago

You, Saaking, Obama to name a few there's too many to mention. Ok I may have not been articulate in what I was saying for MAG the point I was attempting to make was that the fanboys rave about how they IMPRESS which they do not they are however GOOD considering what is going on behind the game. Just ignore me already I'm sick of having to justify my actions just because I'm not glorifying your lord the PS3.

Maddens Raiders3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

I cannot. Post your little duplicitous fingers away....I will always be here .

sikbeta3599d ago

Stop guy, you are putting so much effort that is not even funny, try to enjoy gaming instead of downplaying a game cuz your console of choice can't do the same, I mean is OK if you can't play a 128vs128 game, you still can enjoy a 5vs5 game with a little of LAG

rockleex3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

You are the one bashing a game, and taking everyone's words out of context.

Everyone has always said MAG's graphics look great for the amount of action being done on a huge ass map.

Yet here you are bashing the game simply because you feel we are glorifying the graphics too much? Even though you're the one making it seem like we think MAG's graphics are unbeatable?

Get real.

FrankenLife3599d ago

When the beta first when public and many people got turned off the game, I thought Zipper made a mistake. The game is great, but it needs some explaining to keep people on track in the game. I was in the first waves of beta, and played it every time the servers were up. I loved it, but it certainly takes a bit of getting used to. Looking back I see that the beta did a very important job for the people who are going to buy the game. It weeded out a lot of people who weren't going to play the game properly. People who just want to run rambo in the game, aren't going to get it. The game isn't for them. The game is for people who want to work with lots of other people for a common goal. This game offers a complete different gameplay style than MW2.

What does Battlefield offer that deserves all the hype? I played in that beta too, and was disappointed. It isn't that they game didn't work, it just didn't do much. It has large destructible maps with vehicles. That is fine and all, but what else?

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remanutd553599d ago

VALOR all the way , see you on the battlefield soldier

cyberwaffles3599d ago

yep, gotta admit valor is pretty bad ass. i used to be with raven during the private beta, but valor's weapons and armor are a lot better.

defection ftw!

Skyreno3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

SVER !!!!!!!! Number One 1

lh_swe3599d ago

None of the other team gets to pick a bloody hockey mask as an accessory, which is beyond awesome.

aaron58293599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

but for some reason, i was unable to get into the beta... the screen just stuck while loading... but oh well...

i hope someone can enlighten me, how the gunplay feels ... :)

EDIT : Wow ! A disagree ... and what did i say to deserve it ?

vickers5003599d ago

No one on this site uses the agree/disagree system for it's intended purpose, they just use it as a "like comment/dislike comment" button. So to all those on here pondering over why you get a disagree for saying something that is true about yourself, now you know why.

(I don't use it that way, but I imagine that's why people disagree with obvious factual comments). I think they should change the names of the button, as agree and disagree and instead put it as like or dislike.