The Fall of Japanese Gaming Has Been Exaggerated

Many a games journalist in 2009 complain they just weren't into Japanese games anymore. That they were more of same. That every JRPG and anything else from Japan seemed like the same thing they played last generation. Of course, many of the same critics proclaim their love for shooters or sports games that don't change drastically from what they loved in the previous games.

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Chris3993603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

All were brilliant and received accolades from the press for their originality and clever design.

These 'death of Japanese game' comments are mostly pulled from the drivel that Wada spouts after SE's forays onto home consoles this gen have ended in miserable financial failure. He's always looking to "push" his crappy games further West, without realizing that moving a heap of $hit from one side of the world to the other still results in a stink.

And this isn't a console thing. The 360's Lost Odyssey is leauges better than anything SE shat out this gen, whereas the PS3 has some real gems in it's JRPG crown too (Demon's Souls, Valkyria). Even the Wii has a couple of decent Tales games, the first well reviewed Silent Hill game in some time, and Arc Rise Fantasia in it's lineup.

Oh, and I think some as$hat journalist pulled a quote out of context from a Bethesda employee (and no offence, but while they make good games, they're all sort of the sameish), and that added to the rumor-mill.

Next year, we'll really see the East push onto our consoles. FFXIII, for better or worse, WKC, Castlevania, NN3, and dozens of more titles herald the JRPG/ bizarre Eastern Games rebirth.

Long live crazy Japanese games! :) Off to bed now, peace.

GUCommander3603d ago

Nice Article. Japanese Gaming will ALWAYS be strong. Games and Anime is practically built into their culture.

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