Game Critics Hate the Wii

When it comes to the Wii, Bitmob firmly believes that the vast majority of the gaming press, bloggers, and critics do not play games on the Wii unless they have to for work. When they head home at night and play games they are doing so on their Xbox 360, PS3 and for some on their PC. This belief stems from the fact that they have never seen such ignorance on what is on a platform unless the person speaking doesn't play on that platform.

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AEtherbane3602d ago

But incredibly true....

All the best overlooked games are on the wii..

Saaking3602d ago

I really don't understand the extreme hate towards the Wii. I mean, ys there's a lot of shovelware and crap on it, but there are a LOT of amazing games as well. People just don't count it in becuase it is DESTROYING 360 and PS3 combined.

The PS3 brought amazing true next-gen graphics, the 360 upped the graphics from the original xbox, and the Wii introduced innovative (as much as people don't want to admit it) motion controls. All three are Next generation consoles and the wii should not be excluded just to make the 360 #1. The Wii is #1 in sales as of now and probably for the rest of this gen.

Nintendo struck a gold mine and honestly, while I'm disappointed in some of their decisions, I'm still glad they made a come back after the hard N64/Gamecube years. They deserve it.

EvilTwin3602d ago

Saaking -- Maybe it's a PR issue as much as anything. The gaming press seems to focus more on Wii Sports/Wii Fit/Wii Music-type of games. That said, Nintendo did have a lull in releasing some core titles, so perhaps some of it is justified.

But the flat-out hatred boggles my mind. It seems like some "hardcore" gamers WANT gaming to be some sort of insular hobby.

Why can't it be both? Why can't it have games that appeal to a wider audience as well as games that cater to big-time gaming enthusiasts?

heroicjanitor3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

And I don't see it being any different for journalists, they are just people. The gamecube years weren't hard, they made more profits than sony throughout those years, the lack of sales came from their refusal to sell the gamecube at a lower price and make it up on software. With the wii they have their cake and eat it too. I don't have "extreme hate" for the wii I just don't play it over my ps3 unless my dad challenges me to a game of wii golf, then it's on!

rambi803602d ago

A lot of the initial hate was really fear.

Gamers felt that publishers would gravitate towards the wii due to higher console sales and lower development costs.

Clearly, from recent outbursts from publishers, one can rest easy - they made poor efforts and got poor results - though to be fair if they could stick a pic of mario on the cover (sega?) their games would have sold better.

Nintendo is serving a very important role as a gateway for people new to gaming.

We can't have the next generation picking up bad habits like reading :)

Bigpappy3602d ago

I only play it with my kids, as the types of games on it don't fee like they are geared towards me and when I game I am always in discussions will friends and family in Xbox Party Chat. 360 really stops me from giving more time to playing Wii with the kids. But the Wii dominates as it got a lot of people who don't see themselves as gamers to buy the Wii. I fully understand why the media does not cover it much though. Most of the games on there are kid friendly, and it is difficult to have grown men to get excited about Mario and Wii fit. If there were more women writing in the industry, I guaranty there would be move Wii articles. It is not because they hate the Wii, it has to do with interest in the games and getting the people that frequent the sites to keep coming back. It is what it is. I don't see it changing and it is not hurting the Wii.

Dsnyder3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

Saaking man, I agree with yu most of the time. You are honest and say things that need to be said when no one else will and it's pathetic that fanboys cause you to struggle with your bubbles but the wii is really underwhelming when compared to the competition. The wii started out with promise. I was into the motion controller idea and Brawl had me really excited but the issues were in the laggy motion sensors, the inferior hardware and disappointing games.

We progress quickly in progress with technology so its only natural to expect powerful hardware from any console. Wii chose to go in the opposite direction and make a weaker console. I have not seen any wii game that looks better then a gamecube game. Most look worse. Some may come to par with them (metroid 3, brawl) but most games just look ugly. Like looking at early ps2 games. Not only that but there has been no real franchises for the wii other then wii sports that have taken off and become popular while microsoft has pushed gears of war, and left for dead and sony had pushed resistance, uncharted, and many more new games. All nintendo wants to do is recycle mario and zelda over and over. Those games peaked a long time ago. Nintendo needs something new. They were once the innovators in the industry, pushing the latest and greatest but now all they can do is make gimmicks and mario over and over. To say thay they have come out of the dark days of 64 and Gamecube is wrong. I remember when the 64 had goldeneye, smash bros and ocraraina of time and when GameCube had metroid prime, resident evil 4 and Melee (the best of the smash bros series imo). Looking back, those were nintendo's golden days. Before they were consumed by casual gamer fame.

Critics dont hate the wii for no reason. Most of the shovelware deserves hate but even the good games dont have that wow factor so critics are sending a message. That message is:Just because a console sells well doesnt mean you can get lazy on your games. Be loyal to your hardcore fans and actually TRY some new ideas.

sikbeta3602d ago

I used to hate wii, but that change when I saw the Wand and natal, I mean Nintendo made the motion-control so Popular as the Boy-Bands in the 90s [lol]
and now everyone is jumping in the motion-bandwagon

Everyone saw what happen with the games on the wii, only First Party Games and a bunch of Third Party can be labeled as QUALITY Games, the other Games are just SHOVELWARE or more like Bad-Jokes

Nintendo is probably the only Company that could handle this new "gaming trend", not for being better, just because of the Fisrt Party Games appealing to everyone [rated E] and the known characters, Mario, Luigi, Pokemon...

I don't like this "new trend", I just don't want to play [email protected] games and I'll feel really stupid moving my body or waggle-move my controller playing a Badass Game, so for me this is not going anywhere

Is better to leave the hate for the wii and let the console find it's way and if critics hate the wii, is their job and problem, so there is nothing the can do :P

f7897903602d ago

Nintendo's games seem to score well. Their opinion is in line with the public.

Made by Nintendo = Good
Not made by Nintendo = 95% of being bad

Bodyboarder_VGamer3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

OMG, this is so funny man. ;p

Saaking make these kind of unbiased comments when he's low on bubbles because not too long ago he had like 8 bubbles and he was the biggest troll in N4G. But since people took his bubbles away he morphed into this new non-fanboy Saaking that likes to make unbiased comments.

Then I read Dsnyder comment about Saaking and I can't do any other thing than laugh.

baum3602d ago

What is hated is that technology took a backseat in favor of a gimmick.

Maddens Raiders3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

as much as it pains me to say this --- I disagree with you 100%. The Wii is retarding next gen gaming almost as bad as the 360 is. The reason I say almost is because the Wii doesn't pretend to be next gen., it just appeals to as many kids and grandmas and grandpas it can get to be considered "next gen" albeit, in namesake only.

The critics know it, the devs know it, gamers know it, hell even Nintendo knows it. Now give it up and say it with me, the Wii Sucks.

GCNSean3601d ago

The problem is that most of these journalists live and die by graphics. And they do not take these games for what they really are.

Just look at a game like "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Reflex"... You look at the average Joe gamer that scores this game and the number is pretty high (around 80-85% review score)... They love it... But you take most game sites (average 60% review score) and they bash the heck out of this game... saying it has poor graphics, etc.. Yet the game is fun to play online and offline... Many Wii owners might not own a PS3 or 360 so its the only chance they will get to play Modern Warfare... Same goes for other Wii games...

I also think most Wii owners need to be called out for not going out and supporting these great games... When a friggin Hannah Montana (1.2 million sold) Wii game sells more then games like The Conduit (0.38 million sold) and Zack & Wiki (0.38 million sold) you know there is something wrong...

ChickeyCantor3601d ago

" The critics know it, the devs know it, gamers know it, hell even Nintendo knows it. Now give it up and say it with me, the Wii Sucks."

Nah, Nintendo loves it, BLING BLING BABY.

A development team creates a good or bad game. The console it self is just a "console".

Mini Mario3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Good article. Nice to see some1 rightly defending the wii for a change against the critics...and fanboys.


"Reviewers say MKWii is an average game consumer says its an above average game Critics dismiss Wii Sports Consumers adore Wii sports. Critics say Uncharted 2 is game of the year Consumers' walets say New Super Mario Bros is game of the year. I can give two $hits about what game critics think or play, they've been exposed as being biased whiny fanboys..No different than the majority of posters on N4G ;)"

Exactly. And half the people on here who complain about these games or the wii's lack of games probably havent even played the majority of the wii's AAA titles.

Or - "played it for an hour than sold it"....."coz it SUCKED"..."the wii SUCKS"

^ Something a hater would say.

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Gr813602d ago

Here's another reason why I love the Wii. Its the people's console. Reviewers don't dictate what games are good or not the consumers do. Game Critic? What the hell is a game critic? OoH oOH can I be one?

Reviewers say MKWii is an average game consumer says its an above average game Critics dismiss Wii Sports Consumers adore Wii sports. Critics say Uncharted 2 is game of the year Consumers' walets say New Super Mario Bros is game of the year. I can give two $hits about what game critics think or play, they've been exposed as being biased whiny fanboys..No different than the majority of posters on N4G ;)

rambi803602d ago

Yeah - that is exactly how the movie and other industries determine quality - by box office receipts.

That's why Spiderman 3 won best picture - Right?

Bigpappy3602d ago

Wii is in the best place because of the lack of coverage. People on the Wii are there to have fun. Not have a console war and buy what people tell them is GOTY. I really respect that.

Gr813602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

totally different realms of entertainment even though Sony and M$ seem to think otherwise. But if you want to use that as an analogy Spiderman 3 is the equivalent of MW2 overhyped and left many people disappiinted hell same could be said about RE5, right?

Spiderman 3 sucked to me and was successful due to Spiderman 2 being very good.

But I digress it is always about the consumer that is my main point and if a game sucks it won't sell and it defeinitely won't continue to sell for a long period of time NSMb is breaking records MKWii has sold 20m units I hate to burst your 'hardcore' bubble but when this gen is all said and done and people look at it in retrospect those two games along with Wii Sports will be the games remembered for this gen, not Halo 3, not Uncharted 2 or MGS4. the reason I know this is because the same thing happened 2 decades ago, who talks about game centric computers of the early 80's? NES rules the 80's but if you were around then and were coherent you'd see that the same things were said of the NES. History is a funny thing.

Also: I am not dissing or trying to diss Halo or UC or MGS (RE5 though? yeah the game sucked lol) But I'm trying to explain how game critics are irrelevant and they should be, just as movie critics are. I remember a time when you could walk into a game story look at the box art and decide if you wanted to check out the game review systems were non least for me. Even movie tie in games were hot Aladin for SNES/Genesis was awesome.

Now if a game is scored higher on a different platform it starts a trolling war if an exclusive scores higher than another exclusive its a troll war give me a break. Wii audience moreso than the HD audience seems to ignore game critics and review scores and that was my main point.

@Bgpapi: Exactly.

rambi803602d ago

The best movie for the year and the best game of the year is chosen by people working in the industry - peers - not critics or receipts.

There have been spectacular games that never sold - Okami?

Anyway i think i'm wasting my time here - you made a poor comment - everyone does it - i dont care anymore - i have 5 consoles to play

Gr813602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

I don't think I made a poor comment, I think you just have poor reading comprehension because you weren't able to fully understand what it was I said. Thank goodness for the ignore button huh?

asdr3wsfas3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

"There have been spectacular games that never sold - Okami?"

It sold more on wii than ps2 ;) So get off our backs.

Critics are full of it, this gen has had such complete garbage published as reviews amazon is all I read. Like when IR fps controls are mocked - I played FPS since doom II and they DESTROY dual analog. Half the time the review says more about the total lack of hand-eye coordination of the person playing it than the game itself.

I really like when critics show staggering tech ineptitude except for buzzwords sold to them by marketing though, it's inadvertently hilarious and makes up for the rest.

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EvilTwin3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

This line pretty much nails it:

"Game critics are completely ambivalent towards the Wii."

Not all critics, of course, but a chunk of them seem to be. I remember reading an IGN "10 games to look forward to in 2010" article, and Other M didn't even make the list. The first 3D third person Metroid doesn't make the list? I can't think of anything else to call that except pure ambivalence.

And then there's GI, who simply can't play a game that requires IR/pointer controls.

Perhaps it really does have a lot do with eye candy. Beats me.

Sigh3602d ago

who say alot of crap about the wii, like the same old excuse as one ignorant would say about it who doesn't even own it with: "Yeah I have that console, but all it's been doing good at is collecting dust". Cmon really? My table is freaking dusty and I used that occasionally for studying and using the computer. Sure, the Wii has alot of shovelware titles, but it's also got great games too. I'll admit, I play my PS3 more than my Wii right now, but I'm not going disregard the wii just because of that. In fact, I just played the wii not too long ago, over the Christmas holidays, playing Twilight Princess since I havn't finished it yet. These gaming critics are spoiled like babies. I'll never take my wii for granted.

AEtherbane3602d ago

I bet 50% of the people whos ay they have a wii collecting dust don't actualy own a wii and are just trying to pretend that they are HD fanboys, or appear to maybe not be biased.

hatchimatchi3602d ago

my wii isn't collecting dust because i clean my apartment on a regular basis.

asdr3wsfas3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

Your mom isn't collecting dust cause she's too busy playing my wii alllll night.

Your comment from another thread about zelda:

"I cannot wait for this game. Easily my most anticipated title for 2010. I'll probably take a few days off work when it gets released so i can just sit at home and soak it all in. I got 45 days of paid vacation on the books as of now, i can afford to use a few days. lol."

hatchimatchi3602d ago

Was that really necessary?

My wii doesn't collect dust cause i clean my apartment. Same goes for my tv, ps3, sega saturn, xbox.

I don't see why you took offence to my comment or felt the need to bring my mom into it.

It's kind of flattering that you track down my comments. I enjoy zelda games, it's easily my favorite game series and OOT is probably my favorite game of all time (next to super mario world). I don't see what your point is in quoting a comment from me where i claim that im excited for the new zelda game.

asdr3wsfas3602d ago

You consistently trash on the wii or nintendo in this section. Sepheroth noticed it too. Track your comments? I have a memory and you have a posting history.

It was an innocent comment about dust on your wii. And I was just innocently saying your mom was over last night playing my wii and that all the activity knocked the dust off her. We understand each other.

TheBand1t3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

I think y'all both need to chillax a bit.

EDIT: Sepheroth? You mean the Wii equivalent of Saaking and moneybuyseverything/why dis?

CBaoth3602d ago

they quit being funny in the 8th grade...people WE should be better than this

Seferoth753601d ago

He means me and while you can make any claim you want to. You wont find me in the PS section talking trash every day.. I owned one and it didnt get used it so I cut my losses and sold it. Do I bring that up everyday in Ps3 articles as proof the PS3 sucks? Of course not, you wont even see a post from me about that story. I get labelled a fanboy for standing up to real fanboys.

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