Analyzing the Recession Based Release Schedule

The past year was victim to two amazing events. The first impacted the entire world, and of course, Bitmob is talking about the recession, the economic crisis, or whatever it is you or your preferred news group like to call it. This was combined with the biggest grossing release of any medium ever, Modern Warfare 2. Selling over six million copies of a $60 game is no joke, and everyone expected this to happen. The reason for the game's success lying in it's ability to merge both the hardcore and general gamer, both the people interested in listening to podcast's and reading Gamasutra, and the people that buy Madden or Need For Speed year after year.

This idea scared developer's and publisher's alike, and a large amount of games scheduled for the end of the decade, were given new home in the new year. All that is fine and dandy, except that, well, there were already a number of games planned for this year.

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