InsightBits: Top 10 Xbox 360 Games of 2009

InsightBits writes, "The Xbox 360 was slightly light on big budget Xbox 360 exclusive titles this year. But this year was about the strong summer XBLA line-up which was easily the one of the main highlights for the platform. Through its exclusives Microsoft sold many of us in the future of excellent small sized games."

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GameOn3595d ago

I don't know how hey forgot about Forza 3...

WildArmed3595d ago

yeah, Forza 3 was definitely better then Prototype.

My top 5 for 360 would be
Dragon Age, AssCreed2, Batman, Resivil5. (not in any specific order 1-4)
And lastly, mw2/l4d2 (5th spot). Both of them reminded me of their predecessors.

Mothman3595d ago

However, what's with these top 10 lists? I mean, the latter part of 2009 n4g was flooded by them. Sure, they do contribute to discussion and evoke responses and bring attention to worthy games but it's really getting quite tedious. "Top" is almost as relative as "best"..

Halo3 MLG Pro3595d ago

Forgetting Forza 3 just proves that their are way to many juvenile websites out there.

bambooza3595d ago

Forza 3 is a great game for car enthusiasts, and a great game overall as well. We just felt that the career mode was a little shallow. If we all had the same opinions we wouldn't need more than one gaming website.

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xx SgtP3pp3r xx3595d ago

This year looks a lot better. I think it was a bad year for all consoles last year. It could have been due to the recession.

WildArmed3595d ago

if your talking about sales, sure.
If not, imo PS3 had a pretty solid year in 09. (heck some of my all time fav games were released in 09).
The DS n PSP were pretty good too.