Feature: Madden '08 Vs. 2K8

It's no secret that Electronic Arts and Take Two have a long standing rivalry between their successful Football franchises, EA Sports and 2K Sports. The competition between the two produced innovative and refined titles every year. However, in December of '04 the scales tipped, seemingly placing an advantage in EA's favor.

That year the NFL granted EA the exclusive licensing rights to their name, teams, stadiums, and players. In the blink of an eye it seemed EA Sports no longer had any competition when it came to football titles. To many fans the quality of EA's top two football franchises spiraled down the metaphorical drain, while the future of 2K football seemed lost in the mix and benched for an indefinite amount of time. All that may be changing though.

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Diselage4738d ago

Seems to be a little early since neither of these games are any where near final.