Sony Chief ponders PS3 price cut.

Sir Howard Stringer, the chairman and chief executive of Sony Corp, said the electronics and entertainment company was trying to "refine" how much it could afford to cut the price of PlayStation 3 gaming consoles, saying there was "no question" consumers wanted the price to be lower.

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sadiq4740d ago

of course there is a price cut, the more they say no to it the more it means its real, its just business, they don't want to say there will be a price cut other wise they are basically saying, 'dont buy the system now, but it when it gets cheaper so we make less money' microsoft is in the same situation with the 360 and some workers said it too

Silver3604740d ago

When it hits $200 I will get one. Until then I can wait.

WhEeLz4739d ago

When it hits 200...the ps4 will be

felidae4739d ago

i think you're not a hardcore gamer because you miss a fantastic experience and some amazing games that are coming out. but ok ... it's your choice. i have fun with all my systems but with ps3 the most.

Hydrolex4740d ago

Wait man wait till 2008 ! im pretty sure PS3 will kick some butt in 2008 because all good games come in that year.

I have a lot of freinds that they wanna buy a console and they say " We dont want an xbox 360 because it breaks down so early so we will wait till PS3 good games come out".

sadiq4740d ago

man im a ps3 fan but im not an xbox hater, why the hell would u want a name like that? i think majority of n4g are 360 fans (english=america duh), u will get flamed for even being nice, i am not a wii or 360 hater, im a mart hater

toughNAME4740d ago

lol u have no friends and even if you did im sure they wouldnt say that


kewlkat0074740d ago

Am I missing something here, What is there to PONDER?

Anyhow, when it decreases by -$200, I'll think about it, depending on the games out..unless my other to "alternative consoles" get super Stale, which I doubt.

Mr_Kuwabara4740d ago

That Sony just doesn't seem to want to say anything official about the price cut this far towards the holidays since Microsoft could easily counter Sony's offensive with a prepared price cut of there own.

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The story is too old to be commented.