Get your PS3 pre-installed with Linux

As my good friend Pat said to me in one of my lesser moments, "Damn it, it's Linux (Lynn-ux), not Linux (Lie-nux). People will think you're talking about that Charlie Brown kid." So true... just so I get my blue blanket. In any case, this news comes from TerraSoft -- those guys behind YDL (Yellow Dog Linux) and all that stuff. They're accepting pre-orders for PlayStation 3's that they've already installed a Linux OS on in addition to the PS3's native OS.

TerraSoft has said their PS3's will ship with "a DVD, installation guide, sticker, and "flippy" -- presumably a dog toy". Hopefully it's yellow, too. That would be greatness. This is a pretty bold maneuver by TerraSoft and one that would've been keen from day one, though we're not altogether disappointed that it wasn't. Now those not hardware-inclined (like yours truly) won't have to look all over the place for very obvious tutorials and can continue to be concerned with knowing about the software of the past, distant past, and future. Right?

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