Co-Optimus: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers Co-Op Review

The main Final Fantasy franchise is not particularly well known for its co-op opportunities, but the Crystal Chronicles offshoot seems to have been developed to address just such an issue. Beginning with the eponymous first game, every title in this series has featured a four-player co-op mode, with the exception of the WiiWare titles and the most recent game, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers. Was this change to "the new Coke" a good move on Square Enix's part, or were they better off with the tried and true formula of past games? The answer to that question lies in the answer to this one: remember Crystal from Pepsi?

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SpoonyRedMage3602d ago

Whoever submitted this has made a mistake though... the 1/5 is specifically for the co-op, which is very limited. The general score is 2.5/5 which is better and around what some other publications have given the game.

Saying that though if you look on metacritic the metacritic score is 66 whilst the user score is 99. On Gamefaqs it has a gameranking's score of 7 from 12 reviews and a user score of 8 from 78 users.

AEtherbane3601d ago

If you play the game, enjoy it, and think its a great game, than who cares about what reviewers say. When a game can get an 8/10 review, an then also get a 2/10 review from two accredited sources respectively, than i think all of the game's reviews loose their credibility.

3602d ago