Firmware 1.81 Confirmed for Tomorrow

Report by this was recently posted on the Sony Blog

"Just a quick update: we'll be making available firmware upgrade 1.81 tomorrow which will fix a few small issues some of you have noticed. Most notably is the RGB Full setting which a few of you wrote in about."

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Antan4738d ago

Finally Sony are doing something right with the Blog updates! Its nice to know certain things from time to time, and at least this time they have listened to and acknowledged the punters and are dealing with the issue, and fairly quickly it has to be said. Must do more blogs more often, i don`t think Playstation owners would feel quite as distant or "left out" so to speak. I think Sony should of had a blog of some sorts in place long long ago, but heres hoping they continue.

TaylorB4738d ago

I wouldn't anticipate Firmware 2.0 until E3. There might possibly be a 1.9 with hopefully an XMB update which will allow more organization of Media Center stuff.

TheExecutive4737d ago

2.0 could actually be the Home update in September... it would be a good time to do many updates

blackmagic4737d ago

I agree, 2.0 will most likely come with home...

Vagrant_14738d ago

can only hope so my game tab is gettin kinda long

Close_Second4738d ago

Seems like every other day Sony is releasing a new patch for their O/S. Nothing wrong with fixing bugs and introducing new capabilities but it must have been a bare bones O/S when it was first released.

How do users who are not connected to the internet get the latest patch released?

Snake_Doctor4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

more frequent. Just making sure.
I say keep the features coming!!
Hey Voltron... Jealous Much?

weekapaugh4738d ago

"How do users who are not connected to the internet get the latest patch released?"

can be downloaded by any computer than saved to a usb device and uploaded to the PS3.

anh_duong4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

every ps3 update contains some form of an enhancement - 1.81 is supposed to improve ps2 compatibility.

i rather an update every week then an update every six months when this is the case.

"How do users who are not connected to the internet get the latest patch released? " - write a letter to/phone sony and they will send them an update/get an update from work/friend onto a memory card.

masterg4737d ago

Updates are also on the games. Meaning you will do an upgrade when buying a new game.

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crystallakekiller4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

hi,can somebody help me....i want to know if some of you have the same problem that i have with my happen maybe once each 3-4 hours of play time...the problem is that the controller "jam"..just like i am losing the signal,and everytime it last for 4-5 sec...i called sony and they said they never heard about it before,but the problem is its my 2nd ps3 and i had the same problem with the other one!i would like to know if some of you had the same problem and how did you fix it! and i hope the upgrade 1.81 will fix it!thank you

Snake_Doctor4738d ago

I think it happened to me a couple times when playing resistance. Or maybe I sucked back then. Post it to the new playstation blog site. It may be a wireless issue. I'm not sure.

Jamaicangmr4737d ago

Or maybe the problem is with the controller itself. When you changed your PS3 did you change the controllers along with it?

crystallakekiller4737d ago

yes i did...i tried with 3 different controllers..and it always do the same thing,i know that some people had the same problems,its really annoying!now i play with the controller pluged in!i just want to find a solution,i've already changed my ps3,i dont want to change it again!did you ever have the same problem?

Jamaicangmr4737d ago

Well it happend to me once or twice when i just got my PS3 and Resistance but it hasn't happened since like the 1'st week of me gettin my PS3. It used to happen when someone would open my bluetooth headset when i was playin. Maybe the game would just freeze up or the character would just be spining and i'd have to restart but i don't have that issue anyomre. I've had my PS3 for 2 months now. Since you've changed your PS3 and controllers as well am not sure what it could be. This is really weird, does anyone else here think they can help our friend out?

masterg4737d ago

It sounds to me like it some foreign object that is causing this problem.

Maybe you have something in your home that blocks the signal or maybe your neighbour does.

Bleyd4737d ago

can cause this kind of intereference. Is your PS3 within 50 feet of a microwave? Most likely it is. Bluetooth jumps around the 2.4 GHz bandwidth by design and when it encounters a section of the bandwidth that's causing problems it jumps away. The problem with microwave ovens is that their interference is so broad spectrum that it's extremely difficult to get any kind of quality signal through or around it's area of influence. The best method of correcting this interference is to shield your microwave better than it is now by putting up a sheet of aluminum or copper mesh appropriately. For example, I'm going to be doing this on the wall behind the microwave because that wall is directly in-between the ps3 and the microwave in my home.

crystallakekiller4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

thank you guys for the help...good advise for the microwave....and now that i think about it,my cellphone use bluetooth!maybe it one of the reasons why it does that!anyways,thank you!

devi8i4737d ago

Interference on the 2.45 Ghz is the prime culprit here. MIcrowaves, cell phones, and cordless house phones all ride on the same frequency and are equally capable of causing interference. Bluetooth is also natively passive meaning it will allow for other traffic/intereference to clear before transmitting. Although later revisions of bluetooth protocol allow for spread-spectrum functionality in order to prevent latency due to interference and other traffic in the spectrum, bluetooth can still lose its pairing and connectivity while switching frequencies and or waiting on traffic.

If you continue to have problems I would look for devices in your home that share the same spectrum and try to move them or shield them.

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