RPGFan: Final Fantasy XIII Import Review

RPGFan writes: "Still, FFXIII is a landmark game if only by virtue of its production. Square Enix has raised the bar not simply for JRPGs, but all seventh generation games to come. It's a must-own for series fans and a must-see for just about everyone else. Here's hoping for some meaty DLC or a stronger showing from Versus XIII."

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3594d ago
abcd3594d ago

Graphics: 99%
Sound: 99%
Gameplay: 80%
Control: 85%
Story: 90%
Overall: 85%

I can't wait for Final Fantasy XIII.

3593d ago
Tonelico143593d ago

Certainly on the lower end of the score spectrum for what you'd expect from a triple-A Square Enix title. But I still have high hopes. The subscores, with the near-perfect on visuals and music, is no surprise!

camachoreloaded88063593d ago

He pointed out all of the game's strong points, but also took care to talk about its weaknesses in length.

I thought FFX was as linear as it could get, and even then I didn't really notice because the story and characters were keeping everything interesting. I predict the same will be true for FFXIII.

So what will make FFXV the best FF ever? Keep(or even improve) FFXIII's strengths and add in towns? Mini-games? Only the overall fan feedback from FFXIII will tell.

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