Zeldainformer - What we know about Zelda Wii

The next Zelda instalment on the Wii is on its way to hit shelves sometime later this year, however we know very little. Bit by bit, information is being spilled our way, and all we can do for know is collect it.

Zeldainformer writes: "With the recent announcement of a 2010 release, it came to my attention there were even some details I overlooked, so I think now is the perfect time to state what we know about the game to this point. I think you'll be as surprised as I was."

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Blaster_Master3594d ago

Majora's Mask plus motion plus controls is mouth watering. Here's hoping for the best!

asdr3wsfas3593d ago

Off topic but blaster master is awesome! I bought it the second they released it for virtual console...when I was a kid I rented it but never got to beat the game =(

Saaking3593d ago

If a new Zelda comes out next year, it'll definitely be one of my top picks for GotY. Zelda never disappoints.

EvilTwin3593d ago

I'm really intrigued by Motion+ combat. Is it going to zoom into a first-person perspective? Over-the-shoulder third person?

AEtherbane3593d ago

Why didnt nintendo just make a new play control version of the n64 zelda? or, that would be a cool mod.

ReservoirDog3163593d ago

I just pray there isn't spiders like in twilight princess. I loved twilight princess but I'll never play it again. Too many spiders. Not worth the nightmares.

A Cupcake for Gabe3593d ago

everyone will disagree but i would like a more rpg-like zelda. more character development. link isn't a stand alone guy, you give him your own name and he doesn't talk, he is a shell for to play. so i think it is perfectly suited to customize him the way you like. i don't want it to go bethesda, or final fantasy. but give it a level system and skill systems with the weapons. i always felt 90% of the weapons in the series go useless after the castle or dungeon you need them for. just a rant, but i want something a little different this time around.

baum3593d ago

If the game is anything like Majora's Mask, I'll pass. I want something like OoT or ALTTP.

ChickeyCantor3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

I wouldnt be surprised if Nintendo added in a new Control scheme for the older zelda games.
They did the same with metroid prime. Its not a remake, rather an internal change.

Would be cool though.


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nogolis3594d ago

What I know about Zelda for the wii 2010...

It's be 3-d
It's no doubt be boring like all the 3-d zelda games have been
It'll be short

That's about the gist of it all. Had Nintendo been smart they'd take this series back to birds eye 2-d again. That's where the game works. It works of so many levels because it gave us the complex like we were looking down as if the world was a game board and we were the controllers of that world.

Zelda 2-d over 3-d anyday... Same with Metroid and Mario. Hell, same with most games that started in 2-d, actually.

EvilTwin3593d ago

You're certainly entitled to preferring 2D gaming over 3D...but "it'll be short"?

Are ya kiddin' me? LoZ in 3D goes 20-40 hours without breaking a sweat, and I sunk 70 hours into Twilight Princess.

Anywho...if you can't see the brilliance in the great 3D crossovers (OoT, GTA3, Prime, etc.), then I guess no one will change your mind...

hatchimatchi3593d ago

seriously, zelda games are anything but short.

I put in at least 40 hours into each game.

Gr813593d ago

Fully agree or Disagree with you homie. Because you are right 2-d games especially those mentioned are all time greats. But OoT for me is my personal GOAT. I'm a fan of both 2-d and 3-d and in many ways the 2-d Zelda's are superior to the 3-d ones but 3-d ones have some advantages as well.

But its a fantastic series and I'm looking forward to what Nintendo has in store for us gamers.

I have to add though, Zelda games short?! No way.

nogolis3593d ago

To be honest, I don't know why I said short... I didn't mean to put short. When I realized what I put I couldn't edit it anymore. Oh, well. The fact does remain, 2-d>>>2-d, though. And I can beat the original Zelda in under 6 hours by the way. I love it and hold it as one of 7 crown jewels of gaming too. I've played it, Super mario bro's, Resident Evil (psx) and Double Dragon more than any games ever made... I've logged in more hours in my day with those games than I care to admit.

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3593d ago
hatchimatchi3593d ago

I cannot wait for this game. Easily my most anticipated title for 2010. I'll probably take a few days off work when it gets released so i can just sit at home and soak it all in. I got 45 days of paid vacation on the books as of now, i can afford to use a few days. lol.

asdr3wsfas3593d ago

Will that be a month where we don't hear "wii has no games?"

hatchimatchi3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

go away

that's the thing about people like you, you can't understand the concept that some people are unhappy with the wii & nintendo this generation but still enjoy a few games on the console and also look forward to some games that will be on it.

Why is that so hard for you to comprehend?

asdr3wsfas3593d ago

"you can't understand the concept that some people are unhappy with the wii"

We get it. We get it because you DON'T SHUT UP ABOUT IT AND NEVER STOP POSTING TRASH IN THIS SECTION. I can see why you'd be disappointed and I know that you are because you INCESSANTLY REPEAT IT. I am trying to get you to SHUT UP AND GO POST ABOUT THE SYSTEMS YOU PLAY SO WE CAN USE THIS SECTION FOR ACTIVE WII GAMING.

hatchimatchi3593d ago

I can see where you're coming from. At the same time though, when I do post something good about the wii or nintendo you or someone else usually reply to my comment with something smart to say, egging me on so to speak to reply with something bad about the wii.

I'll slow down on posting my rants on the reasons I dislike the wii but that doesn't mean i'm going to stop commenting here. I've been playing nintendo systems since the nes and most of my favorite games are from nintendo. Just because I don't like the wii all that much doesn't mean i hate nintendo. I'm very much interested in news about nintendo/wii.

A bit off topic but I collect random nintendo shirts and zelda trinkets. I even named my puppy 'bowser' that i bought a few months ago. In no way, shape or form do I "hate" nintendo.

YoungKingDoran3593d ago

aww... hatchimatchi opens up. see guys? we can all get along

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Vizion263593d ago

I remember the NES Zelda game included a map. I hope Zelda Wii also includes a map as a throwback or some kind of item that references the game. Oh, the DVD has to be gold. I also got the sneaking suspicion the game will incorporate the vitality sensor much like OT did with the rumble add on.

I have a curious question... has there ever been a game in development for 5 years? That's an awfully long time. I think OT took 3 years to make.

hatchimatchi3593d ago

I think 'Too Human' was in development for longer than 5.

Duke Nukem Forever, lol. We all know how that turned out

Killzone 2 might've been around the 5 year mark.

I'm sure a few others as well.

I also wouldn't be surprised if Metroid Prime was in development for over 5 years. Maybe not all out development but definitely in pre production, research and concepts. It took a while for Miyamoto to figure out how Metroid would make the jump to first person, im glad he took his time though cause we all know how great it turned out.

Mahr3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

If you count its days back when it was still conceptually Super Mario 128, Mario Galaxy was in development for well over seven(!) years. And although development was not exactly always taking place and numerous different concepts were gone through over the years, Team Fortress 2 was announced last *millenium* if I recall correctly.

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