HellBored: Bayonetta (360) Review

HB writes: "So Bayonetta has finally arrived, after months and months of anticipated groaning from the mainstream gaming press. Rarely has a game raised under-collar temperatures so much, and fans of skintight black suits and lollipops will be thrilled.

The basic story is this: you play as Bayonetta, a witch that has been in a forced sleep for 500 years, and during this time the rest of the Umbra Witches have been destroyed, hunted down by the agents of Paradiso, or Heaven. She's awoken without her memory, and must wage a war against Heaven to find out what's happened and get her memories back. As with many games in this genre, the story can tend to get a little convoluted at times, but as a method for keeping the player interested, it really works. I enjoyed this tale far more than those of its peers – Ninja Gaiden and Devil May Cry – although it still retains a certain blurriness."

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