Cnet - CES: Hands-on with PS3 in 3D

Cnet: After spending 20 minutes playing Wipeout in 3D at Sony's CES 2010 booth, I'm officially a believer in gaming in the third dimension. It was only after I was made aware of the fine print did I become grounded in reality. But before we get into the gory details about what you'll need to get this working, let's discuss how it played.

Sony had a few games playable in 3D including Super Stardust HD, Avatar, and Wipeout. The experience playing Wipeout in 3D is truly immersive, with layered graphics giving you a surreal sensation of being in the cockpit of a futuristic racing ship. The HUD (heads-up-display) felt almost touchable, and its subtle shake was very realistic.

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sinncross3597d ago

I found this part very interesting:
'The HUD (heads-up-display) felt almost touchable'

Now bear with me here. You know in Dead Space, the HUD is like active and dynamic.

Now take a FPS like Killzone and add the 3D effect to where the HUD is similar as explained in the article about Wipeout in 3D. Now add the Playstation Eye and developers could make it appear as if the 'almost touchable' HUD can in fact be touched to manipulate settings for the character.

That would be absolutely amazing.

Apocalypse Shadow3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

i expect that GDC will have some interesting developments when it comes to pseye,the wand and 3D.

i can do one better though but sort of off topic....sort of.see this:

OLD sony concept video where one company (i won't mention who) is patterning their new peripheral after.anyway,pseye can do hand gestures seen in eyepet,eye of judgment and PSN eyetoy games.i believe sony will add navigation of either the XMB or PSN but the cool effect will be 3D added.

not only that,but as you see here:
and here:

sony will have voice recognition and avatars that pop out the screen and talk to you.either NPC or the person you are playing against.or how about video conferencing but the avatars are in your face and your friends look like some demon monster or anime character.or something silly like this(crazy hair):

sony is following a set pattern.the concept video has the avatars,pets you interact with and touch with your hands out right now.3D will just add to what you see as it pops out at you.

but we'll see soon enough.can't wait for a FATAL FRAME game as the ghosts pop out the screen at you.or even the new RE6.....interesting though if they can.....

snipermk03597d ago

Thats a neat idea dude! I think someone should send that idea to SCEA. And trust me, when its a good idea, devs listen to it. For example, the dagger tail idea in prince of persia: sands of time was sent in from a fan that the devs just couldn't resist but add.

meepmoopmeep3597d ago

i REALLY want to check this out in person.

and i hope the industry is serious about supporting it for games/movies
or else there will be some seriously pissed off people who spent thousands of dollars on the gear o_O

thesummerofgeorge3597d ago

I'm very excited about the possibilities 3D bring. I realize the cool thing to do nowadays is hate on 3D, but when done properly, it's quite amazing, and it lends itself perfectly to gaming. This will be an amazing decade for gamers. 3D is just the beginning.

A Cupcake for Gabe3597d ago

Holy Heck, the Eye is so awesome. I really hope the NATAL announcement sparked Sony to really use the technology, cause this is some of the coolest stuff. And I think between the 3D and the Motion Controller(PSEye of course will have controllerless gaming too) will really bring gaming into the future. It's the beginning of the holodeck right here with Playstation.

Microsoft Xbox 3603597d ago

This 3d tech and the use of the PS Eye for headtracking can make a pretty damn amazing 3d experience.

Saaking3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

3D + PSeye + Wands = TRUE innovation. It certainly beats just a camera. I really hope Sony takes advantage of it and shows why the PS3 is the only TRULY next generation console .

darkmurder3597d ago

In other news Nvidia has 3d enable on many games for Windows.

Bigpappy3597d ago

To expensive. People will not adapt to 3DHD just to play games in 3D. HD-OLED TV's are now coming to market and are expensive. 3D TV's are years away form popularity. No developer (Except 1st party) is going to waste they time with a few exclusives for the 100 people who buy in the first 2 years if Sony tries to push this now. They need to get the TV's out there first. They are trying to use gamers to sell everything they make.

ThanatosDMC3597d ago

I hope it's only an option and not mandatory. I dont wanna wear those crappy glasses to play.

Nineball21123596d ago

That sounds interesting Sinncross. That's something that seems reasonable and I'd hope that developers would be thinking along those lines.

Actually, that sounds like something made for Natal too, so I'm not sure why Microsoft seems to be downplaying 3D tech at this point.

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keysy4203597d ago

people just upgraded but many will upgrade again because tech is getting better and i for sure dont want to miss anything

Noob3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

What's crazy is the fact that these games that Sony is demonstrating 3D with were never built from the ground up for the tech but still works so well. I could only imagine how much better it would be if a game was developed from the ground up with 3D in mind. I think PS4 is guaranteed to have 3D support for all games.

meepmoopmeep3597d ago

yeah, i agree, a game made from the ground up for 3D might be even better than just adding it in at the end

thesummerofgeorge3597d ago

It will be a lot better. And then once the top developers get their hands on the tech and implement it in new and artistic ways, the possibilities are endless.

Dev8 ing3597d ago

Woah. Look at all the hate for 3D. None of the commenters at Cnet had anything possitive to say about 3D. Is it because their box isn't capable of doing it so they drag down the whole industry?

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