10 Best PS3 Games Under $20

Explicit Gamer has compiled a list of 10 great games that you can buy online for under $20. If you're bored or don't want to shell out $59.99 for a new game then maybe one of these titles will spark your interest.

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WinterWolf3600d ago

Valkyria Chronicles is underrated by most people imo

Foliage3600d ago

Valkyria Chronicles is far and away the best game on that list. Awesome game.

GUCommander3600d ago

That is why it is on the list at the top :P Took about an hour to find the best deal on that game. $13 is quite a steal in my opinion.

zosozioso3600d ago

Braid is a steal at 1200 Microsoft points. It's one of my favorite XBLA titles.

blusoops3600d ago

but IMO Braid (Which is $15 on the PSN) is no where near the quality of Valkyria Chronicles! BTW, everyone should play VC, especially at this price...I mean, what do you have to loose? LOL

3600d ago
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