Game Analysts List Their Top 5 Predictions for 2010

IndustryGamers writes: The start of a new year is always fun. There's plenty to look forward to, especially in the video game industry. Analysts love to make predictions, so IndustryGamers decided to ask a few leading game analysts to give us their top five predictions. Here's what they said after gazing into the crystal ball.

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Saaking3601d ago

"Project Natal ships on-time for the holidays with multi-million unit sales."

Not gonna happen. I doubt Natal will be as huge as everyone thinks it will. THe causal crowd is locked in by Nintendo. Your not gonna see soccer moms and grandparents buying a 360 for Natal are you? It's just not gonna happen.

Megan Fox3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )



I love how you think you know what will happen...
I think it all depends on how much natal will cost.

A Cupcake for Gabe3601d ago

I am not yet sold on NATAL. I strongly believe it won't be another Tony Hawk's RIDE, but at the same time, I don't feel it'll revolutionize the hardcore side of gaming. at least, not yet. I personally am more excited for Sony's 3D with the use of motion controls and PlaystaionEYE (Which does everything the NATAL can do.)

NATAL's biggest perk is it'll get Sony to fight back and get behind their EYE more.

But on the NATAL. If it isn't more than $100 and has a good line-up of actual good hardcore games, I'll buy it. I hope they won't target old people like nintendo does.

SilentNegotiator3601d ago

I'm sure it will do well, but I doubt it will make the splash that some are suggesting.

young juice3601d ago

i disagree natal will be huge and flooded with hundreds of shovelware with a few half descent titles, microsoft will be so overwhelmed they will completly forget hardcore gamers and focus on drawing in nintendo wii's crowd meanwhile sony is racking up massive numbers with dissapointed 360 hardcore gamers well on its way to overtaking the ps2s place as most sold console. then once people realize natal is crap they'll quickly flock back to the wii or pswand which would have acquired nickname "wii hd". and in the end "there will only be chaos".

SilentNegotiator3601d ago

It's just a simple ps3 firmware update away. Why not?
Not everyone will be on board right away, but not everyone has to. Just like HDTV's beginnings.

Mista T3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

the lag is a deal breaker for me when it comes to Natal, that's why I'm not buying it

things like this need a quick response but Natal does not provide. it's s a cheap gimmick that well be advertised to a younger audience that doesn't understand and will get there parents to spend there cash on it for there christmas present.

SilentNegotiator3601d ago

"A cool down in the social gaming hype as it is clear that monetization is still a challenge"
"Social game market continues rapid growth and expands beyond Facebook and MySpace to include browsers and smartphones"

Oh boy. They're going to have to settle this over a Yo' momma contest.

SuperStrokey11233601d ago

I think it depends more on what the apps are that ship at the same time. It will need to be something new and really appealing for them to sell a million +. I dont see this happening but for sure it could.

Bigpappy3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

These new guys are smarter and take some of the fun out of laughing at them. But, we must move on I guess.

I agree with them on that Natal impact. Natal is completely different from what Wii is offering. I agree with the guy that said 3D gaming will not have an impact this year (The 3D TV's will take too long to catch on). Maybe in a few years. PS Wand might sell a few thousand by year end. Even though more useful than the wii, the concept is the same. That makes it hard to attract the casual crowd who had enough of the wii experience. Casuals don't know anything about tech or do they care. They know that the wii has a wand and the PS3 has a wand. With Natal you buy the camera and wala. You never need to buy anything else. Dance games can all be done on-screen with your avatar. I have no idea how PSeye could do that without strapping wands to both feet. Expect to see a boat load of these fitness/music/dance games for Natal. Soccer moms are going to be all over Natal when they see Natal adds all over the place with some hot chicks saying they lost 20 lbs. They will also be some dress-up games for girls. The 3D aspects of Natal and being able to read the entire body is what separates it form wii and PS3 motion. Your thoughts.

NateNater3601d ago

You've obviously never used the PSEye before. It can sense your movements without the use of the wand. It tracks your body. The wands will offer a different experience that Natal cannot offer because of its lack of a remote/buttons. Basically Sony's tech is like a combo of the Wii remotes and Natal.

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Thadorus3601d ago

felt like i was reading most of these out of some girls gossip magazine.

Veneno3601d ago

It seems like ppl here are arguing more over how successful Natal will be rather than how good it will be. but i'm gathering that like the Wii, it will have its success but it will still suck. No one that matters will be using Natal, like the ppl who use the Wii don't matter.

dazzalfc3601d ago

I hate these so called 'Game Analysts'. The fact analyst is spelt with 'Anal' pretty much sums them up

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