The VGChartz Gap Charts - Dec 2009 Edition

The updated Gap Charts from November 2006 to the end of December 2009. Charts showing 360 v PS3 and HD v Wii are included.

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EasilyTheBest3597d ago

The global gap chart is now 5.55m, this is 100k more than the gap was when the PS3 launched. So, in other words the PS3 and the 360 have almost identical sales since the PS3 launched.... to be precise their total sales over the last 3 years are within 0.3% of each other.

Microsoft must be well happy with this..

randomwiz3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

well, it is vgchartz. their europe numbers are highly inaccurate(they had the 360 listed at 13m when microsoft announced that they reached 10m)... don't know about the others though

Foliage3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

You see that line rapidly descending at the end of the graph? Even vgchartz can't deny what is coming.

Now consider how vgchartz have inflated the 360 numbers, and it becomes even more doom and gloom. The sad part is that Microsoft are delusional in all this, they think the "Natal Era" (their quote) is going to have an equal impact as when the Wii launched. Even with their joke campaigns that are sure to come, they aren't going to get the casual gamers to buy another wii. They are also losing the hardcore crowd, seeing as their 2010 lineup is pathetic, and they will not have their usual BS hype train behind their "hardcore" subpar games.

It's the end xbox fanatics, jump off before the gap is too large to get over.

and I didn't even mention the 15% performance loss when Natal is released. Expect every game from this point forth to use 15% less resources to compensate. We've already been told by MS ourselves that our 2011 release game should not use full specs... it's a one horse race from this point on.

GameOn3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

You actually think the 360 line-up for 2010 is "pathetic"?
Wow, I won't bother listing the games because your type don't listen to sense but you are completely wrong.

SiteNblog Defender3597d ago

VGChartz is not pro-360. You only think that because the numbers don't favor your console.

kalebgray923597d ago

ps3 would lead by a longshot..... and 360's lineup is the farthest from pathetic...2009 was pathetic but not 2010

Anon19743597d ago

SiteNblog Defender stated "VGChartz is not pro-360. You only think that because the numbers don't favor your console."

I don't think they're pro one console or the other, but historically they track the 360 high and the PS3 low when compared against the official numbers released by each company. There have been times when they had the PS3 undertracked by over a million consoles versus the official figures. I think this has to do with how difficult it is to track Europe. In the US we have NPD's best guess to go by, in Japan there are also companies that track sales but it's not easy to track retail sales across all of Europe and that's where the PS3 has proved to be strong.

And Microsoft has a habit of not reporting 360 sales numbers at all when sales are bad which also makes it hard to judge accurately from quarter to quarter. Often when sales are declining year over year for the 360, Microsoft will report revenue for the Entertainment division as they're required to by law, but they won't post 360 numbers. Then, when sales go back up they'll start reporting again, using giving lifetime sales as well and with those lifetime sales numbers you can fill in the blanks.

A Cupcake for Gabe3597d ago

vgchartz isn't pro-360, but they have a tendency to give higher 360 scores and lower ps3 numbers, when infact both are wrong. and often. 5.55mil makes me think the gap is much much smaller.

YourCall3597d ago

More PS3 Fanboy crying and spinning. Crazy.

rohail883597d ago

when the 360 was killing the PS3, the gap got larger back then and the PS3 is actually in the lead if you look at the consoles in the same timeframe!

ARBitrator3597d ago

Well, if you look at the PS3 and the PS2 in the same time frame, it would probably be beating the PS2 also so what's your point. Wait, let me guess you have no point, you're just stupid.

Sorry son, life just doesn't change because you want it to be that way.

masterg3597d ago


That cant be true.
If you look up sales during the PS3's lifetime you will see it has sold more than 2 million more compared to the 360.

oohWii3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

You will also see that the PS3 has had a do-over also. The 360 put the original PS3 20,40,60,80,160 gb version to rest. Scared Sony so bad they went and totally redesigned the PS3 from scratch. So you're right if you say the PS3 and the PS3.5 has outsold the 360.

But the original one got it's butt kicked.

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Duke_Silver3597d ago

the gap isn't closing as much as I thought it would be, good to see the 360 not fall by the wayside like it looked over christmas.

randomwiz3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

the gap closed considerably since the ps3 slim.

in 4 months(sept,oct,nov,dec), the ps3 closed the gap by almost 2.5m
if you look in august, its at just above 8m, then its 5.5m in dec

kneon3597d ago

Especially when the XBox also had a price cut and massive incentives over this period.

We'll have to see how the sales momentum for the PS3 continues over the next few months. Given the huge number of big titles coming they could continue reducing that gap considerably. Though if you believe even the low end estimates for Xbox failures then that would pretty much wipe out the gap even if only half the boxes could not be repaired.

chidori6663597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

GO 360 in:




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||.....||....||.....||...||.. ...||..||.....\\
||___||....||___||..||...... ||..||......\\
||......\\...||.....\\..||... . ||..||.......||
||.......||..||......||..||__ _||..||___//


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