Paying Tribute to Dragon Age: Origins

After investing 60 hours of time into Dragon Age: Origins, the Executive Editor of The Goozex Report--a 28-year veteran of the Dungeons and Dragons genre--recounts his experiences with the game. Included are descriptions of some subtle improvements BioWare added to Dragon Age; some of which you might not have even noticed. There is even a suggestion for improving how to handle found loot that would speed up the decision making process on whether or not to equip the new item, simply carry it or just disregard it. This suggested improvement is one that all gamers will probably agree on and one that hopefully the game developers listen to and add into future games.

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roblef3594d ago

Wow, 60 hours? That's awesome. Great review.

JimmyJames703594d ago

I could probably easily put in another 100 hours on this one...

roblef3594d ago

Also? Great suggestions for game improvement. I think they'd really help the game. I didn't know you could buy a backback, either - so thanks for that!

JimmyJames703594d ago

Thanks for the positive feedback!

starven3594d ago

This is just an awesome game all around.

3594d ago