Nvidia reveals crazy powerful new Tegra mobile chipset

GamePro writes: While current mobile technology is more than capable of matching the graphical performance that we may have seen in early PlayStation 2 games, chip manufacturers like Nvidia are moving very quickly to match the power of current generation chipsets. At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas yesterday, the company unveiled its new Tegra chipset - a new solution that promises to bring HD video, Flash 10 support, multi-day battery life, and blazing fast 3D graphics to smartphones, tablets, and smartbooks in the coming years.

The Tegra 250 (its full name) is the "world's first dual-core ARM Cortex A9 CPU running up to 1GHz," featuring eight independent processors, support for 3D touchscreen user interfaces, and is 10x faster than the processors used in the current generation of smartphones. The bottom line? It's crazy fast, and will move mobile devices very quickly into their true "next generation." To get an idea of what it can do, check out the video from Nvidia's CES presentation below. The 3D game demonstration kicks in at the 6 min 50 sec mark.

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Crazy Powerful mobile chipset is something I need.

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