Guitar Hero 3: Gameplay Blowout

New gameplay videos from Guitar Hero III.

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Satanas4237d ago

Hmm, a little disappointed by the lack of 80's metal. Of course not all tracks and whatnot have been announced yet, so hope is there.

Adamalicious4236d ago

I hope you've heard about GH2 Rocks the 80s. Comes out in a month!

iNcRiMiNaTi4237d ago (Edited 4237d ago )

it isnt being done by harmonix and red octane anymore....i just hope that activision/neversoft is the right company because the activision screwed up the 3rd call of duty by choosing a garbage developer and thats why CoD4 is being done by infinity ward again

Adamalicious4236d ago

Red Octane is still involved, but no Harmonix - which means they have to rewrite the whole thing. Hopefully that'll be a good thing.

Just to clarify - the first 2 GHs - Harmonix did the software and Red Octane the hardware. Red Octane came up with the idea, therefore own(ed) the IP, but not the software behind it. Red Octane was acquired by Activision.

marionz4237d ago

my friends bricked last week because of the whammy bar patch of death!
console constantly freezes now and MS are saying there is nothing wrong with the console because its freezing without an error number!

red octane you should be paying for the repair not my friend!

Siesser4237d ago

That combat stuff in the third clip looks infuriatingly fun. Can't wait :-)