Modern Warfare 2 Ice Skating Glitch Is The New Infection

Haven't had enough glitches in your Modern Warfare 2 matches? Well your in luck! If autoaim and chopper gunner ammo wasn't enough for you, now you can add ice skating to the mix.

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GigglePuff3601d ago

It was actually pretty fun, but this just shows you how this game was just rushed, and I'm extremely disappointed in this game... I miss CoD4 and WaW...

lociefer3601d ago

lol why do i feel we'r beta testing this game

BadboyCivic3603601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

i call it SUPER MODERN GLITCHWARE 2 TURBO BETA EDITION...played this mode about a month ago..

The money is already made plus IW will not be making MW3 so why bother complain.not like they care about there product or fans.

Noctis Aftermath3601d ago

This is why you have to learn to tell if a game is overhyped or not.

People who got burned by MW2, if you are looking for a solid shooter i suggest Battlefield Bad Company 2 when it releases in march, DICE are quality devs, the beta on ps3 was incredibly fun.

wUTTer3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )


this reminds me of Counter-Strike hackers.....Ahhhhhhh the good old days!

darkmurder3601d ago

Once again Modern Woefare strikes.

Elvfam5113601d ago

Where's LeonSKennedy4Life at to defend this glitchfest game

mjolliffe3601d ago

It's getting ridiculous now.

HappyGilmore23003601d ago

MODS, NOT GLITCHES!!! there is a difference. i have not ran into any of these so called "glitches" in matchmaking, and neither has anyone i have played with.

you can burn modded copies of MW2 on the internet and they usually have host infection.

Rock Bottom3601d ago

One can not facepalm enough when it come to MW2.

Domenikos3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

GOTY... ¬¬

BattleAxe3601d ago

I haven't seen any of these glitches on the PS3 version.

outlawlife3601d ago

that is because the same amount of people aren't playing the ps3 version, this is just as easy to do on ps3

AAACE53601d ago

I'm just curious... If you guys aren't playing MW 2, what are you playing? Or have you just decided to hate this game and play nothing.

For me the game is addicting and no matter what kind of trick pops up it only makes me better. I don't use any of the tricks, and the people who do usually end up doing worse than me in the end!

bruddahmanmatt3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

How you gonna post a video bragging about you and your friends hacking and then get merced in your own game? What a bunch of scrubs in this video.

gameraxis3601d ago

that does sound plausible, but i think the main reason is people haven't found a way to burn a disc yet and play a hacked ps3, so they can't use their own mods, as this is a mod not a glitch...

i know you were trying to go for a reason that put the 360 in good light, but the truth of it is the 360 is one big hack machine... ps3 not so much (although there are a few glitches floating around like the level 70 prestige 10 and so fourth)

n4gno3601d ago

"I'm just curious... If you guys aren't playing MW 2, what are you playing? Or have you just decided to hate this game and play nothing"

Lol, let me guess, you have a xbox only ?

PS3 owners can play better shooters like KZ2, MAG beta, or even for the fun part (not very competitive, like MW2), uncharted online.

and off course, fps is not the only kind of game we can play and love (on ps3)

outlawlife3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

you don't need to burn any discs for a fair bit of these mods(some do require a disc image), several of these exist on ps3 and can be readily found online having to do with editing files of the hard drive and not the disc

I'm not trying to put one system in any type of light, the bare and true fact is the mod community is much smaller for ps3 for several reason

1 being the number of people and another being the xbox is basically the same as PC so anyone familiar with PC can do it, you don't have to be exceptionally skilled

I disagree with you saying the 360 is a 'big hack machine", I play MW2 online about every night and honestly I've run into hacks/mods 2 times...I wouldn't say that is an overt amount

no machine is better than the other in that regard, if there is a way people will cheat/mod/hack

all we have to do is go back to cod4 on ps3, the hacking and modding on ps3 was way more intense on ps3 than 360 because it was so easy, all you needed was a flash drive

no one console is better than the other so don't try to turn my comment into something that it isn't when I'm stating a simpler fact

the modding community for 360 is way bigger and exponentially more active than the ps3 mod base, especially for this game when the majority of players are on 360 and play it on live

Ryangp3600d ago

Why does everyone hate on this game so much, it has a couple glitches (no more than cod4) and they have all been sorted out within weeks of discovery. If this was Uncharted 2 with the glitches you would be praising Naughty dog for fixing them so quick!

I think people on this site just like to follow each other and moan about the game that sells the most but its not better than Uncharted 2 or Killzone 2, but in my opinion its on par with theese games, and dont acuse me of being an Xbox fanboy, I have a PS3 only.

Altourus3600d ago

Yea I'm doing the MAG beta, greatest thing about it? I have yet to run into a single exploit. Hopefully they will fix the disconnect bugs before launch. But it's nice to play a game by a company that decides to test before launch.

villevalorox3600d ago

So I have been playing CODMW2 for a few weeks without playing any other game really. Well today I put in Uncharted 2 and played a few rounds, and I was like WOW. I've been subjecting myself to cod when I could be playing this? how stupid of me, The graphics was like WOH! I do not remember it being that fun, I'm going back to uncharted 2.. Fuk Call of duty modern lagfest 2. It really gave me a headache the last time I played it.

HappyGilmore23003597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

to all you morons who think this is another giltch, you should got check fourzerotwo's twitter. he confirmed that these are HACKS NOT GLITCHES.

all you haters are just looking for a reason to bash MW2. oh yea, and killzone 2 had like 6 patches in the first two months.... did you idiots forget about that??? oh wait, no one played kz when it came out cause it was broken.

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thor3601d ago

I wonder if you can ice-strafe like you can in Quake?

Redempteur3601d ago

you can in quake , just 2 lines in the console ...

blackboyunltd3601d ago

this is getting bad, real bad

creepjack3601d ago

Infinity Ward should really be ashamed of themselves, putting a game out this unpolished. I think Activision is ultimately to blame though. I guarantee this is a direct result of the game being rushed to hit the holiday deadline.

proximately3601d ago could someone tell me how many glitches like this there are now?

RockmanII73601d ago

this isn't a glitch it's a mod

dalibor3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Well there's the Javelin glitch but I think that got patched up, not sure. It's where someone uses a Javelin & when they die it goes off right there without needing to be fired lol. Than I seen a glitch where someone's ammo on thier assault rifle was shooting helicopter ammo somehow. Another glitch I seen that is not common but on youtube is where you get a sniper rifle scope on a shotgun & you can shoot them like a sniper rifle. Those are some glitches but there are also hacks as well like auto aim & being able to see the enemies through walls. Just go on youtube & type in MW2 glitches. In my experience of playing MW2 I have yet to come across any of these glitches or hacks, thank god, but all you have to do is just leave the game if someone is hacking, it's that simple. It's still a fun game though but ultimately it could have used some time to straighten things out.