PS3: Bigger bang for your buck

Investing in the PlayStation 3 game console isn't just about playing the latest video games or using it to surf the Internet wirelessly.
There's also the next-generation home entertainment system within that is waiting to be unleashed.

Aside from playing the usual DVD and CD formats, Sony's latest gift to the entertainment and gaming arena is the high-definition Blu-ray player.

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MK_Red4739d ago

I know its nothing new but this is an overally solid article defending PS3 which more media need to do so IMO.

Satanas4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

"Aside from playing the usual DVD and CDdisc formats, Sony's latest gift to the entertainment and gaming arena is the high-definition Blu-ray player."

I dunno, I just think it's kinda funny that they're telling people the PS3 plays Blu-ray. I think people would know by now...?

LOL -- clearly someone didn't know. --v

I don't mean this negatively. I just pointed it out as being something people generally know about when making a purchase decision. These types of features articles are more useful for less known capabilities so that people can explore them, if you know what I mean.

HAVING SAID THAT, I use the Blu-ray functionality quite a bit, and now that the upscaling is there, even my SD DVDs look very nice. Definitely glad to have Blu-ray.

carlman234739d ago

My friends and I have have frequently spoken about how Sony's not doing a really good job at conveying all of the features of the PS3 (which, if you care about that stuff, could be argued to be a better value than the 360). Many people that I know who are 'casual gamers' have NO IDEA what Blu-ray is! All they see is the $600 price tag and ask why it's sooo much more expensive than the Xbox 360 or the Wii.

Sony's advertisements shouldn't be about exploding chromatic babies. They should be about informing the public.

Satanas4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

I do agree with you. A lot of people can't really see the advantage of Blu-ray, which is why the price cannot be justified for many. Luckily the diode dropped in price rapidly. Hopefully there'll be a price cut eventually, before Xmas is a good idea.

I think, including games, which console you choose depends on what you want. If someone doesn't have interest in Blu-ray or any Sony titles, the price wouldn't be worth it for them. As far as casual gamers go I usually recommend the Wii or 360 core, for people a bit more into games, the Premium, Elite or PS3 depending on what you want.

carlman234739d ago

Yeah, I think that Sony's splitting its intentions a bit curiously at the moment. Given the price, the console will really primarily appeal to very hardcore gamers and/or the rare audio/video enthusiast (the people who care about Blu-ray). In that respect, these people probably already have a good idea about the features.

On the other hand, they want to try to appeal to casual gamers with titles like SingStar and the new EyeToy. So it would seriously be in their interest to start making less obscure commercials. People need to be informed.

What I'm interested to see is how successful these products are. Don't get me wrong, I'm not entirely pleased with what Sony's doing, but I still have a lot of love for the PS brand. I just don't see casual gamers forking out that kind of dough, Blu-ray or not.

Satanas4739d ago

Yeah, I expect those gamers to gain interest only once the price drops. And the commercials are quite weird, some are even 17+ and stuff...=X

Good responses. Bubbles for you.

kornbeaner4739d ago

What are you guys talking about, Blu-ray will rule all, are you guys morons!!! stupid fanboys don't know what they spend their money on anymore. 360 is the best value bar-none, wait for the 4th sku to come out with SHD-DVD and we'll see the best machine ever, F*ck go a PS3 right now!!!!!!! J/K J/K J/K J/K :P

All jokes aside. The PS3 is a great machine but the commercials are a little to artsie (if that's even a word) for the casual player. Take the ad campaign for MLB07:The show, I get the whole premise of man Vs. Machine but that doesn't make me want to buy the game(although I did). These commercial where good to get the hype rolling right before launch cause it brought mystery to the console. But now that it's out (and good games have been hard to come by) they should advertise the games they do have in a fun way. Take a look at the Wii. They are suffering from the same fortune that the PS3 is when it comes to games, but you wouldn't know that by the way they advertise. To this day knowing how weak the wii is I want one for the simple fact that it looks fun. Sony should go back to that. Start advertising the way they advertise Ratchet and clank games or something were they show you being part of the game, cause this new direction they are going is really more for the hardcore. There is money in the hardcore market but then you alienate all those consumers that made the PS2 a smashing success.

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TruthHurts4739d ago

couldn`t have said it better my self.
(for me)its the best thing i`ve ever bought. i almost never turn it off. between Games,Movies,Internet,Photos and Folding someones always using it.

drtysouf214739d ago

I'm very happy with my investment! And i'll only get happier as time goes on. Especially after E3.

Skynetone4739d ago

And the browser sucks big time

artman4739d ago

it has been improved *note*
it was bad at first, now it's fine. But it's true that not many people know that ps3 game are using bluray, most of my friends thought it can play bluray movies, but the games is dvds

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