GoGamingGiant: Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles – The Crystal Bearers Review


"Overall, The Crystal Bearers isn't a bad game; it just needed a lot more play-testing and some extra fine-tuning. At times, it felt like Square Enix needed to spend just a little more time developing the game, which is pretty bad considering it took over four years to complete. Most U.S. presidencies don't even last that long. However, when all is said and done, it is still a fun game for a large majority of the 20 or so hours it takes to complete. It isn't particularly riveting, but it is entertaining, and while not necessarily ground-breaking, the story is interesting and many of the characters are fun to watch. At the very least, The Crystal Bearers successfully fills in the Final Fantasy gap-if there even is such a thing anymore-until the bigger titles arrive. Despite the issues, I mostly enjoyed myself and this would be a worthwhile addition to any fan's collection. Just don't expect this to be on the same level as the main series."

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