Third Person Action - The Resurgence

Console gaming has been overrun with third and first person shooters, and Bayonetta has come as a breath of fresh air. Will it stimulate a resurgence in this traditionally popular genre?

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Megaton3594d ago

It's my favorite genre, so I love it. Keep 'em coming.

swiftshot933594d ago

Ya Action and Action Adventure are my favorite genres. RPGs and Shooters are awesome too, but I think that the Action genre just has its own charm with the combat that I cant get from any other genre.

I cant wait for God of War 3. The only action game franchise with an awesome story imo, gotta pre-order soon!

Darkstorn3594d ago

I wouldn't say the ONLY one, but yes, GoW III will pwn.

Armed and Dangerous is still the gold standard for third-person shooters, though. If you haven't heard of it, look it up. Such an awesome game.

ico923594d ago

great there should be more games like gow and bayonetta the fps genre is tierd and whored out im completley bored of it

WildArmed3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

I honestly didn't like FPS games till this gen started. My first FPS ever was Resistance: Fall of Man.
After that FPS games n me had a short but sweet relationship ending with CoD4. After putting 4 days into the MP, i got quite sick of FPS games. Though I do like playing FPS games, they are at the bottom of my list on to buy list.
Since the market is full of FPS games, it's hard not to buy them.
But I love RPG, Action and Adventure genres.
FPS has been my last resort buy since early '08.

DMC4 left a very sweet taste in my mouth and had me craving for more. Played that game until i finished Hell and hell mode lol
Then went out to buy Heavenly Sword, equally awesome game. I just wish that action games were more abundant.

Megaton3594d ago

I'm pretty tired of FPS. I've played hundreds of them over the years, starting with Wolfenstein 3D. The only one I'm really looking forward to right now is BioShock 2.

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3594d ago
Baka-akaB3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

and about damn time fps takes a backseat . I love them , but not when they are all of the same squad based CS/Cod style ...

Used to be more to the fps genre .

proximately3594d ago


I'm sure we will see more experimenting with the first person view in the future. Hopefully something that isn't called an "FPS" but maybe an overallterm in the form of "FPE" (First Person Experience).

We'll see though :-)

Baka-akaB3594d ago

When ?

Remember quake with it's acrobaties and pure skills based fps ? It existed alongside fps with rpg features oriented toward solo (like system shock , deus ex) , and alongside team based stuff like CS .

Look at the picture now , and you'll none of that , only a rare few games like bioshock and mostly Squad/team based fps .... most of them with way to many assists and automatized weapon . With mostly the theme (ww2 , future , modern ) changing or the amount of people inside .

There are still a few great fps left , but sadly still mostly of the team based kind . The genre is as dry as it is over-exploited .

gunnerforlife3594d ago

i just want a proper sequels to DMC:( cant someone just give me that pleaseeee with the same team.

Hakimy3594d ago

Hideki Kamiya is the father of DMC.You won't get a proper sequel to DMC since he left Capcom and he is now with Sega.So if you like DMC gameplay and its stylish fast action,then you should play Bayonetta.if you are only a fan of the name DMC,or just Dante's fanboy then you might skip Bayonetta but it will be your lost ;)

gunnerforlife3594d ago

hahaha dantes fanboi :D hes just ubber cool,
but yh i will get it if i can find a preowned version lool(ps3 user lol) i wish it was different but i am gone have to wait.

Baka-akaB3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )


I disagree , obviously without kamyia the serie had more miss ... but DMC3 proves that great dmc games are possible without him .

DMC4 was even shaping really well , being basically an hd dmc3 and all . But it obviously dropped many balls , starting with the lamest 2nd chracter ever Nero .

And failures like adding a second character to the story , without even thinking of Co-op .

Otherwise , yeah bayonetta rocks


dont worry too much about morons constantly slamming the ps3 version . It is indeed inferior , but it wont prevent you in anyway to fully enjoy the game .

PirateThom3594d ago

Have to say, God of War is the only series in the genre I really love, but I like that there's so much variety now.

Ninja Gaiden, Bayonetta, Devil May Cry, God of War?

How can you complain?

Hakimy3594d ago

a whiner wrote an article saying 2010 is the year that might witness the death of the gaming industry because 4 action games are coming out this long as there is an open place like the internet,you will always find idiots who will complain about anything ;)

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