Engadget: VIZIO's new LCDs (and upcoming iPhone remote app) eyes-on

Engadget writes: "Since we can't drool over sets without release dates forever, our attention at VIZIO's CES event turned to flat-panels we actually expect to hit shelves in 2010. Still, we couldn't have expected a sneak peek of the company's planned iPhone remote control app (video after the break,) and the shock of seeing a 22-inch VIA & WiFi packing 22-inch LCD nearly overshadowed the massive 72-inch 3D set picture above."

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ReBurn3601d ago

Ok, I might like a 72" TV. Vizio looks to be coming on strong with their sets. I'm a bit annoyed that I'm starting to have trouble with my 2 year old 46" Vizio. Mostly because you can't really find an authorized service center and there's no way I'm paying to ship it to California.

I'll see if I can get a better extended warranty on my next TV, but I doubt it will be a Vizio.

3601d ago