May NPD Numbers: Game Industry Up Almost 50%

In what should come as little shock to you by now, Nintendo dominated the U.S. video game industry for another month. Pokemon led the software charts and the DS topped all hardware, followed by the Wii. Get the details...


Update: Hardware Numbers now available;

DS - 423K
Wii - 338k
PSP - 221k
PS2 - 187k
X360 - 155k
PS3 - 81k
GBA - 80k

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SmokeyMcBear4737d ago

nice psp beating ps2, 360 and ps3. Go psp Go

BrotherSic4737d ago

PS2 beat 360 as well which shows that VG Chartz have no clue hahaha

Will hopefully be able to update the post when the figures are released but by the sounds of things it might be tomorrow.

predator4737d ago

yeah but the 360 doubled the ps3 again, forgot to mention that?

DrRage774737d ago

i'm sorry, but making a comment about how the ps2 outsold the 360 is really kind of silly and dumb, considering the 360 almost DOUBLED the sales of the ps3. the 360 is supposed to be competing against the ps3 in sales, NOT the ps2....the fact that the ps2 is outselling the ps3 by about 3:1 every month is not a good sign for sony. they really need to quit saying that the playstation "brand" is selling great. umm, when the last gen ps2 is selling more than your next-gen ps3, that means those are people that will NOT be buying a ps3 anytime soon....

BitbyDeath4737d ago

Firstly, PSP and PS2 are Sony products also , so when they look at it they see those as well not just PS3.

Secondly, this is the same situation as how the PS1 was to the PS2 when the PS2 was just kicking off. This is how they play their game so don't go o noes soney iz doomde.

This is simply just history repeating itself

Xi4737d ago

that was for the one week, not for the entire month.

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NextGen24Gamer4737d ago

Its just so wierd that the ps3 is seeing consecutive months of 80k so soon after its launch. Over a year and a half after the 360 launch....155k is the lowest its been. Interesting numbers indeed. The Wii is now selling about what the 360 did at 300k. For the first 7 months of the 360 was a steady 300 k and stayed between 200k and 300 k until now at 155k. I know this is typically the slow time. But I wonder how the Sony execs are feeling right now. Are they worried? 2 months at under 100k and the previous months were right at 100k. A number the 360 has never seen...Hmmmmmm

DrRage774737d ago

don't worry,. according to sony, the playstation "brand" is still selling like hot cakes, so everything is okay in their eyes lol they want everyone to ignore the fact that every single ps2 sale is a sale taken AWAY from the ps3 for the year.

SF49er4084737d ago

ps3 sales r still fallin n i dont see them rising till later this year. they could fall below 70k lol. i think its time th 360 drops its price so the people who are waiting for the next generation can get started already. ps3 barely beat out game boy advanced lol srry i just cant hold it in n e more. i love u ps3

kingofps34737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

I guarantee that this is the last month ever we going to see the PS3 below the 100,000 units sold mark in the US NPD data.

Yes! I think the ps3 can very well start selling over 100k again after months of decline. More importantly, don't forget that the 360 has constantly been declining in sales month after month. The ps2 is beating it in the hardware sales and now even the PSP is pwning you guys. I admit the Wii currently owns all in the hardware section, but for how long? Have you seen the crappy games that have come out on the system recently?

I absolutely agree. Also, definitely after E307 there is sure to be a PS3 sale spike. Further more, if Sony wins the battle at E3 then the sales are going to be off the roof.

I hope this time around Sony officially announces Killzone PS3 vs. Halo 3, than the fony media like they had done with Killzone VS Halo 2.

Blasphemy4737d ago

I have been saying the same thing. I not sure it will pass 100k units a month but June is when we are going to start to see PS3 numbers go up. That is when we actually get some good games then it's nothing but good games until the end of the year. August is when we will really see the sales spike.

Xi4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

you think the ps3 will start selling above 100k again after 3 months of decline where 2 were in the 80's? I'm not to sure, even with games comming, I think microsoft and nintendo still offer competition, I don't see why the ps3 line up now is all of a sudden better...

Figboy4737d ago

how can the PS3 line-up *NOT be better?

multi-plat titles are looking solid for the year:

The Darkness
Assassin's Creed
Unreal Tournament
Devil May Cry 4
Stranglehold (the PS3 exclusive Hard Boiled inclusion will sway quite a few people to the PS3 version)

and exclusives are looking rather solid as well

Ninja Gaiden Sigma
Heavenly Sword
Ratchet and Clank
Little Big Planet
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
Hots Shots Golf
Singstar (big in the UK it seems)

i mean, is this line-up not better than the titles that are available for the console *NOW?

i don't know about you, but *I certainly think so!

it's not unreasonable to think that as these titles hit (most of them are highly anticipated, you know), the sales of the PS3 will increase.

and with buzz being that the system could experience a price cut by Christmas, well, those numbers would rise quite significantly if that price cut were to happen.

look at the PSP, ever since it went down to $170, it's been selling twice as well as it was at $200 and $250.

even with the PS3 at $600, the combination of all of these titles, and the quality exclusives, will push the Playstation fans that have been on the fence, or uncertain about what to buy, to buy the console.

also, E3 hasn't hit yet. much like the sales spike after GDC, and the Sony gamers day, i imagine that after E3, the PS3 will be looking like a more attractive proposotion to the aforementioned fence-sitters.

dragunrising4737d ago

All in all I think it is quite pathetic that Sony fanboys are on the defense due to poor PS3 sales. Statements (non-verbatim) like: "Wait until MGS$!!!", "wait until June", "wait until a price drop"(for sales increase)all fall into the idiotic thinking catagory. It is perfectly fine to "like" a brand...but to talk about a console and/or company like its God is ridiculous. Why does it matter if Wii outsells 360 or PS3? If you like video games you should support their growth as an industry. More sales equal better games or so I would expect. Also, competition creates better games. We don't need any one console manufacturer to dominate; we need a mature entertainment industry that makes the kinds of games we want (and also doesn't make a million sequels like during the PS2 years).

JasonPC360PS3Wii4736d ago

Your list is kinda small isn't it?

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blackmagic4737d ago

I also think all the talk of price cuts have people sitting on their money until they see what comes out of E3... price cuts will definitely spur some sales.

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