Engadget: Razer hits the Xbox 360 with Onza controller and Chimaera headset, we go hands-on (video)

Engadget writes: "Razer's come from nowhere over the past few years to establish itself as a serious player in the PC gaming peripheral market. Now it's hitting the consoles, starting with the Xbox 360, and the first iteration of offerings are already looking solid. They were announced yesterday and we got some time with both, starting with the Onza contoller, described in detail in the video after the break. Each stick's resistance can be individually tweaked, there are additional shoulder buttons that can be assigned to replicate any other button on the controller (no more stick-clicking), and what's pledged to be a d-pad that's far superior to the generally junk one on the stock controller."

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villevalorox3599d ago

that looked really bad to be honest. It's nice to see the adjustable analog stick. But I think the extra shoulder buttons is bad.

SixZeroFour3599d ago

just a prototype...not final model, especially noticing the dpad isnt changed

kinda agree with the extra shoulder buttons, could get in the way of the current shoulder buttons, but you never know...i do like the adjustable tension on the joysticks, wonder if it also compensates for wear and tear to make it more tense again after extended use...i know a couple of my controllers joysticks are extremely loose now than when i first used it

lastly, the shape looks a little boxy on the top where the shoulder and triggers are (prolly cause of the extra shoulder buttons) i wonder if they will make it more visually appealing for the final model

mauleriscool3598d ago

I really hope they move the back and start button to the original spots. Playing shooters I ALWAYS use the back button to bring up the scoreboard to check how many ppl are alive.

starchild3598d ago

There are some really good ideas on this controller. I already have a modded 360 controller, but this does some things mine can't (like the adjustable tension of the analogue sticks, which is cool). I'm not sure the ergonomics are improved, though. I think the original 360 controller is nearly perfect in that regard.

mrv3213599d ago

Looks like a good controller especially the turning thing on the anogolgues.

GCO Gamer3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Razor is awesome! I wonder if that controller would also work with PC.

Raf1k13598d ago

I was wondering the same thing.

It's probably USB and Razor does lot of PC peripherals so I'd be surprised if it didn't work on PC especially considering the official 360 controller does.

SixZeroFour3598d ago

it has to be usb, cause i dont think there is any other was a controller with a cord can work with the 360

tdrules3598d ago

Razer have never made a bad product, should be interesting

Gun_Senshi3598d ago

Just like Razer Copperhead right? Even if you don't use it it stops working after 6 months with same issue.

Dorwrath3598d ago

Make it wireless and we can talk business.

Double Toasted3598d ago

...but its not going to happen.

mrv3213598d ago

Microsoft doesn't allow it... or atleast I think they don't

ASSASSYN 36o3598d ago

Your right mrv321. They don't allow it.

dragonelite3598d ago

Your right Ms doesnt want 3rd party to make wireless controller but im really interested in the secondary bumpers you can map.
I really love this idea so yeah consider me a buyer if they make those bumper good working.

Revvin3598d ago

Yeah I'm not a fan of corded controllers, it needs to be wireless. Microsoft allowed Fanatec to make the wheel wireless for the 360 without any additional adaptors required so why would they not allow a gamepad?

mauleriscool3598d ago

Hope you understand that wireless controls have a small latency, and responsiveness of the joysticks gets hindered by it. If you have a wired and wireless controller try playing with both of them for a few hours, you will notice the wired one is WAY better.

There were a few times I couldn't wall bounce in Gears2 on a wireless controller because it couldn't register the buttons combinations I was pressing fast enough.

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The story is too old to be commented.