Square Enix to Open Dragon Quest-Themed Bar

Kotaku writes: "Dragon Quest fans will recognize the name Luida's Bar from the role-playing game; it'll also be the name of an establishment Square Enix is opening in Tokyo later this month, coinciding with Dragon Quest VI's release on the DS.

The bar opens to the public Jan. 28 in Roppongi, Tokyo, but before that, it'll be holding sneak peeks from Jan. 22 to Jan. 27 for those who register on the bar's web site. While the real bar's interior (pictured) is not a pure recreation of the one from the game, its menu of dishes and drinks are inspired by Dragon Quest."

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FamilyGuy3594d ago

I'm sure tons of people in Japan will find it cool.

TheBand1t3594d ago

The money used on this bar could be better spent making their games less sh!t.

kingdavid3593d ago

I'd go to this for the LOLs.

Possibly going to japan next year.

hatchimatchi3593d ago


Because it's freaking awesome, that's why. lol

I'd love to go to a bar like that. I'm sure it would have a great atmosphere/crowd in it.

dgroundwater3593d ago

Luida's Bar? Pfft. I'd take Tifa's 7th Heaven any day of the week!

SpoonyRedMage3593d ago

It's also an excellent place to trade Dragon Quest IX data!

It'll probably be really profitable as well, have you seen the amount of merchandise they sold when they released DQIX?

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