Microsoft: HD-DVD & Blu-ray will be obsolete in 5 years

Well, that's it folks, Microsoft has finally stepped up and settled the Hi-Def disk war once and for all. And the winner is: no one.

That's right, according to Richard Doherty, the Media Entertainment Convergence product manager for Microsoft predicts that both HD formats will be obsolete within 5 years.

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Odion4740d ago

lol if you can't beat em, kill them

anonymousAJA4740d ago

You realize why Microsoft is saying such things, right?

Their comment "At Microsoft, we’d rather HD wasn’t on a disc." suggests that the only reason why HD content should not be on a disc is because Microsoft would greatly increase profits by eliminating the source of their losses. The fact is that the Xbox 360 is not even capable of downloading such content because of its limited ethernet data transfer rate of only 100Mbps. On the other hand Sony's PlayStation 3 has a data transfer rate of 1000Mbps and we are only just barely breaking 15Mbps mark for consumers. I think that this is absolutely idiotic of Microsoft to make such claims when even their own technology is not future proof like the PlayStation 3.

The other comment that makes absolutely no sense is "For the time being however, he added that Microsoft was happy to support HD DVD, principally because it has delivered interactive content in a way that Blu-ray hasn’t." Funny I thought interactive content were games, NOT JUST MOVIES. Unless Microsoft is suggesting that the interactive menu in a HD-DVD movie surpasses the experience of both the interactive menu in a Blu-Ray movie and the INTERACTIVE GAMES IN A PLAYSTATION 3 GAME ON A BLU-RAY DISC. But I don't think Microsoft would intend it that way. Instead what they probably mean is to use the HD-DVD drive as a mandatory drive for games on the Xbox 360 just like they have with the hard drive.

I guess Microsoft really knows what the consumer wants...


Thugbot1874740d ago

Ok first of this News article had nothing to do with the PS3, but somehow you had to try to pump up the PS3 and put down the Xbox360 with fabrications or you’re clearly very uneducated. So let me put the fact straight on this whole thing.

The PS3’s gigabit network card: This is a pure gimmick from Sony just to make there system look superior. Reason being is Broadband does not support anything close to 1000 mega bits transfer per second. In cases where you’re really lucky you can get DSL or cable at 10 mbps. So what does this mean??? You guessed it despite your supper fast network card you’re still only going at your slowest connection. To add more to this you can’t utilize your PS3’s gigabit network card unless you have a gigabit switch that supports it, if one isn’t available then it defaults to 100 base T (Which is the same speed of the card in the XBOX360). However since most people are using broadband modems the network card is only 100 base T or 100mbps. To go even farther in detail many gamers are using the wireless in the PS3, which at it’s peak performance can deliver 54mbps. So the Xbox360 not having gigabit network card isn’t a big deal it just more than likely saved a little bit on the overall system cost. Because until gigabit switch become normal and Broadband gets up to speed you will never utilize it’s full speed. Besides if you had a gigabit switch it would only help if the PS3 you were connecting to was on the same network.

Ok another thing is you are very misinformed on the abilities of the Xbox360 and obviously like to just talk trash. Digital downloads in HD are available for download on the Xbox360, you can go into live market place and download movies now. I did a few nights ago. With hard-drives getting bigger and bigger and digital downloads being so easy, HD DVD and BLU-RAY are bound to go away, the question is just when.

Next what Microsoft was talking about when they said BLU-RAY doesn’t offer interactive abilities like HD-DVD is totally right. BLU-RAY is still having trouble finalizing everything in order to offer these abilities. HD DVD on the other hand has finalized this and it is available. obviously you haven’t taken time to research the true differences in HD DVD and BLU-RAY, you must have heard the name Sony and larger sized and stopped there. Please before you go out and say stuff you know very little about do some research. I’m not talking about at ILOVESONY.COM

JasonPC360PS3Wii4740d ago

What do you call overly priced disc that are designed to scratch "purposfuly" so you "have" to buy more? With downloadable content once you buy it's yours (NEVER HAVE TO REPURCHASE) Ever wonder your eyeglasses have scratch resistant lenses while your disc are made with the same plastic? (YOU KNOW PLASTIC MADE FOR OPTICAL LASERS AND LENSES) <----Thats being ripped off.

M1am1U4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

it's great that Sony included GigE data ports on the PS3, but it's going to be a long time coming before we see GigE speeds to everyday Internet customers. So, all that GigE data port on the PS3 is good for is transferring data on your private LAN. By time GigE speeds are available for us regular customers, the next gen consoles will already be out. That being said, your argument about limited bandwidth and throughput availability on the 360 is moot.

marinelife94739d ago

If HD-DVD and Blu-Ray will be obsolete in five years then DVD-9 must have been obsolete last year.

marinelife94739d ago

This coming from the "VISIONARY" that predicted that no one would need more than 640kb of memory back in 81.

sarcasm off

Bill Gates is a computer programmer not a savvy business man or visionary.

MADGameR4739d ago

Anyone can SAY something. I SAY, the X Box 360 might not outsell the X Box. SONY will lose lots of money and Nintendo will be looking at kid's Wiiwiis.

MADGameR4739d ago

Anyone can SAY something. I SAY, the X Box 360 might not outsell the X Box. SONY will lose lots of money and Nintendo will be looking at kid's Wiiwiis.

Thugbot1874739d ago

Yes DVD-9 is obsolete. The problem is that HD-DVD and BLU-RAY while being superior to DVD-9 aren’t that great of a leap forward, and there are technologies available now that surpass the disks space HD-DVD and BLU-RAY. Examples: Holographic Versatile Disc which can hold up to 3.9 terabytes. Bug protein DVD’s which can store 50 terabytes of information. As you can see BLU-RAY and HD-DVD cannot come close to this. These technologies will be available in the near year which makes HD-DVD and BLU-RAY obsolete. It doesn’t take a smart person to see this I should hope.

As for your comment of dissing on Bill Gates about being a visionary. First Bill Gates had nothing to do with this article other than he is the CEO of Microsoft. Richard Doherty is the person who made the visionary quote here, which isn’t anything new because several other people have been noted saying the exact same thing. I guess some how you were sleeping when everyone was talking about this. Do some catching up.

Personally I don’t see what the hype is all about when it comes to BLU-RAY or HD-DVD. BLU-RAY 200GB disc aren’t available outside of a lab at the moment if available at all. The earliest I heard they will have them by is 2009, and let’s not forget Sony had a hard time getting the 51GB to work. By 2009 I’m sure talks of the next console will be in full swing and Holographic Versatile Disc will be on the market. Which destroys the PS3 being future proofed for 10 years. (

Something interesting if anyone wanted to know about the sizes of movies on both formats:

anonymousAJA4738d ago

Microsoft prefer that no format wins and that downloadable HD movies would surpass the formats while they say that HD-DVD is a better interactive format with no interactive content.

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MK_Red4740d ago

Wow, after all this time, MS comes out and says "They're dying in 5 years." Poor souls.

artman4740d ago

microsoft is not the type of trend setter company, apple is. MS just following and following ... and trying to improve it... some is good but mostly failed. MS Office is good... that's the only thing I can appreciate MS for their excel

Satanas4740d ago

HD movie download is no where near as popular as disc formats at the moment, so as of right now there is nothing to back this up.

It is however possible. Also, the stated "decision" for choosing HD DVD was pretty bad, if you read the article.

Boink4740d ago

there are way more people downloaing movies now than there are using either blu-ray or HDDVD.

Satanas4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

Not true. Not for HD, at least. Unless you speak of illegally obtained DVD rips, which isn't relevant.

The market for downloaded purchased HD movies is not very big at the moment. It could grow though.

Boink4740d ago

because they are downloaded, means people are aware of it and using it.

look how popular the XBL movie service is, walmart is setting up their own as well as amazon and netflix (and I'm sure others).

bottom line, more people are downloading movies than using blu-ray and hddvd combined.

Why o why4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

ripps are never the true size of the original movie, Ms should stick to what they know best and what there getting better at ie software and gaming systems respectively.

Europe wont be so up to speed like that. MS wanted a pc in every home and predicted it would be like that by now. Its nowhere near yet but will get there eventually. Me personally think that to much of what i watch or listen to is being analyzed. THis would be heaven for ms but 1 step closer to hell for us all. On a lighter note. whats the average broadband speed /price in the us. In the UK i can get 21megs for £25 a month. Virgin are using optical fibres so distance from the exchange doesnt matter anymore whereas most other companies are still using copper whatever.

Satanas4739d ago

"it's extermely relevant because they are downloaded, means people are aware of it and using it."

Be that as it may it does not disprove my point. We're arguing about purchased HD content (at least I am, I am not for any other purpose) which as of right now is no where near as popular as purchased BD movies.

HD internet content in general is popular for sure, but specifically purchased HD movies v. movies on Blu-ray, which is much more relevant, the popularity of the former has yet to match the latter.

Of course this could change in time, I'm simply speaking in terms of what is going on now. The reason I would think Blu-ray and/or HD DVD have a good chance of passing digital downloaded HD content is because of convenience: HDTV, player, movies. Whereas those without fast internet or streaming services and whatnot wouldn't be able to watch downloaded content.

As for convenience, I can accept an argument from either side, but I personally like owning the discs/casing, rather than have rights to content or a downloaded file.

As you said though, generally downloading movies is popular, but this is about HD movie content specifically, and legally obtained (else there is no profit anyway).

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JIN KAZAMA4740d ago

be obsolete in 5 years, then why did they come out with the HD-DVD add-on. Thats just dumb, and they are just spreading their currupt propoganda to slow the sales of Blu-Ray, because they already know that HD-DVD is on its way out.

hfaze4740d ago

Welcome to "How Micro$oft does business 101"

They don't care who they screw over as long as they get control of that market sector.

It amazes me that a company that has BILLIONS of dollars in liquid assets can be so incredibly greedy. They don't want ANYONE else having even a sliver of that pie...

witchking4739d ago

Sure, MSFT released an HD DVD add on to make an extra buck. They did not put it in the Elite, so that they could keep the price under $500.

However, the point of this whole topic isn't that MSFT is going to rule the digital world; the point is that in 5 years (or so) it will be much more common for consumers to download HD movies (be it on the 360, through Amazon's TiVo utility, or through your cable company's set-top box) than it will be for consumers to physically purchase a disk. The issue today is TIMING. Most of the movies available for download are not the most recently released movies. So consumers are still buying/renting those movies from NetFlixx and Blockbuster.

But let's face it, the rental industry is going to wise up and seek to partner with someone in the digital download industry. If I can get a movie RIGHT NOW and keep it until I choose to remove it from my storage, all for $19.95/mo for unlimited viewing (like the rentals work today) and it's all in HD... then you'll see fewer disks. Will they go away completely? Of course not. There will still be people out there who want the physical media. You don't go through a culture change in anything less than a generation.

In 10 years, 15 years, you'll be hard pressed to find DVDs of anything but the most popular movies (and porn :-) ) on the shelves anywhere.

ApocalypseShadow4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

so that they can make profits selling download content.

seems funny how fast microsoft is so willing to drop support for things(xbox,vista over xp,elite over prem 360,hard drive game support over core support)

all those who bought hd-dvd add-ons should be disgusted by microsoft.

just to make the add-on buyers feel better,they say we still support hd-dvd,but we don't think it will last beyond 5 years.

why ask people to buy the product(hd-dvd)?
and 2,they're hypocrites to say "if bluray wins,we'll support it with an add-on."but don't support it now,but claim gamers have choice.

this company will milk you dry of money,then leave
you hanging.

EDIT:exactly what i was thinking jin.

achira4740d ago

thats the way microsoft is. but as long as they fool the xbots its ok for me.

Sangheili854740d ago

You swear like if sony announced tomorrow that they created PinkRay! that holds 55GBs! you wouldn't be like "ZOMG NEXT GEN IS HERE SONY SAID SO!!!LET"S WAIT SOME MORE!!!"