One Year With GamerNode and the First Annual Jason Awards

Jason Fanelli of takes a personal look back into the year 2009, his first full year in the middle of being a gaming journalist, with the Jason Awards, a slightly different take on the year-in-review that we're all so used to. Enjoy!

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mr durand pierre3595d ago

I really liked these categories. Particularly worst game that everyone played.

italianbreadman3595d ago

The least favorite game that everyone played is my least favorite category in the Jason Awards! I feel like Fight Night 4 is the first game to make big changes with the franchise and effectively evolve the boxing mechanics significantly. It's no longer a dodge-waggle-beatdown-fest, but a calculated battle between pugilists. Physics!

SlamVanderhuge3594d ago

Yet it still amounts to slow-mo face smashing and slamming analog sticks til then snap. Bah!

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