Mega Man 10 Main Theme Remix (Yes, Already)

Japan-based artist Citolo has already taken it upon himself to remix the Mega Man 10 theme, and it's sounding quite good. While not much has been released from the game so far, the main theme was featured in introductory trailers, and the remix takes a more PlayStation-era sound compared to the 8-bit original.

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DrRobotnik3601d ago

I wish capcom would remix this game and make it look like blazeblue quality. Why does MM8 have to be the last good looking MM?

ChickeyCantor3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

Imo it also had the worst music( The music wasn't bad from a quality point of view, but it was no where near or as good as 1~7 did+Megaman&bass music, even 9 did a better job.)

And honestly that kinda screwed up my experience with the game.

3601d ago