Battle Royale: Halo: Reach And GoWIII Go Head-to-Head In 2010

A recent survey of industry professionals performed by GI crowned Halo: Reach as the game that'll sell the most copies this year, a good sign for Microsoft. But don't think it'll be a smooth road to victory because late last year God of War III received the award for being the most anticipated title of 2010.

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RememberThe3573601d ago

I'll approve it because I want to hear what other people have to say. But it seems pretty obvious.

GoW has always been knows for quality not sales; I'd expect the same to be said about GoW3.

DRUDOG3601d ago

Reach will prob sell more, but that doesn't mean that GOW3 is any less anticipated.

Lou-Cipher3601d ago

Halo Reach will sell more, but God Of War III will be a better game.

If people want to have a sells battle, why not compare Gran Turismo 5 to Halo Reach?

GT5 will sell over 10 Million, and Halo Reach might sell over 10 Million.

Anon19743601d ago

It's a no brainer that Halo Reach is going to be a huge seller. GOW, as good as it is, is still a bit of a niche title. Halo Reach is guaranteed to sell at least as much as Halo ODST. If 4 million 360 fans were willing to shell out $60 for maps half of them already owned and a 2-3 hour expansion, there's no doubt a new Halo game will burn up the sales charts.

AKNAA3601d ago

Its quite obvious that Reach is gonna have ridiculously bigger sales,
But we all know GOW3 will be the bigger & better game hands down! and that's what really should count for gamers...

Sales are only important to me in terms of the developer sales goal being reached so that it'll motivate and finacially enable them to make a sequel.

WildArmed3601d ago

Master Cheif is the greek god of sales.
Kratos is the greek god of qaulity.
They both live in harmony

THE MAX SPEED 213601d ago

Lou we already you're a PS3 fanboy.

aside from that.

How will GoW3 be a Better game than Halo Reach if they dont even fit in the same category of games?

Shooter VS Hack N slash?

I've heard it all.

BattleAxe3601d ago

GoW is a hardcore game, whereas Halo is softcore, so its possible Halo might sell more.

Lou-Cipher3601d ago

"How will GoW3 be a Better game than Halo Reach if they dont even fit in the same category of games?"

Quality is not defined by genre.

ps360wll3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

North A sales... but i must mention one thing. Quality wise, gow has the edge (maybe) but you also have to look at replay value... you can only play hack and slash so many times as for first person shooter, long as you have friends to play with, fun is endless just like MW 2 or gears of war 2 or any other fantastic shooting games.

I played the demo for gow3 when i purchased collection and its amazing. Reach on the other hand is so hush hush but we all know bungie's talent.

In terms of sales, I think reach will outsell GT5. Sorry but too many users in the early stages of ps3 bought a ps3 for blue ray players only and that is why i think ps3 games dont sell in the mil within the first week.

Just my thought :)

Socrates3601d ago

Halo Reach is easily the more anticipated title.

It makes no sense to say that they are equally anticipated, but that Halo Reach will sell more (DRUDOG, I'm looking at you). What are you saying? That millions of PS3 owners will want God of War 3 badly, but won't have the money to buy it? Are you saying PS3 owners are poorer? I'm sorry, I know that isn't what you meant, but the statement doesn't make any sense.

Also, the term "hardcore" in the game world does not refer to how graphically violent something is. It usually refers to how refined and in-depth the gameplay is, as well as how difficult it is to master. In that sense, Halo is probably more hardcore than God of War. Halo is used in professional gaming leagues and has a very well balanced and deep gameplay. God of War is an action "hack 'n slash" game with a lot of gore, but that doesn't automatically make it more hardcore. It is usually children who take the attitude that vulgar language or brutal violence make something more "hardcore".

Anyway, they are both quality games and they will both sell very well. Halo Reach will simply sell more, that's all.

THE MAX SPEED 213601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

So you think it's logical for you to say that GoW will be a better game than Halo:Reach even though they dont fit in the same category of games?

"the quality of DemonSoul(RPG) Is So Great that I dont think GoW3(HackNSLash) will be a better game."

how does that make sense? I dont like when they do those Versus things. If it's about sales Its understandable but when it's about which game is better they should atleast put two games of the same category.

like the new Medal Of honor Vs Cod: vietnam

Saaking below gets the point.

Saaking3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

GOWIII in march, Halo in the fall. They're far enough not to compete with each other aren't they? Besides, totally different genres. I'll be getting both.

Lou-Cipher3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Mass Effect(Western RPG) is better than Lair(Action Adventure)

MLB09:TheShow(Sports) is better than Haze(Shooter)

Like I said:
Quality is not defined by genre.

All games have a LEVEL of Quality that they can be judged and compared by.

NnT32913601d ago

Ok, Orange and apple, which is better?

moneybuyseverything3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Always has to be a Versus match with the Sony camp. There's no competition no matter how you spin it. COD vs Halo is a better match even if one is exclusive and the other multi platform.

TradingWarStories3601d ago

I dont know why you guys are getting disagrees cos your statements are true. God of War is a better game however I highly doubt it will sell as much as Halo reach mainly because MSOFT are milking Halo and we know Halo sells a boatload. Look at ODST and Halo wars for example the former is better than the latter but they sold a lot regardless of their quality.

(Waits for disagrees)

snoopgg3601d ago

God of war 3 won't even come close too selling as much as Halo Reach, but doesn't mean the game is bad by any means. I will be getting God of war for sure, but won't buy Halo Reach until, I rent and play it. The last Halo really sucked in my opinion.

JoySticksFTW3601d ago

So someone can't say The Godfather or Aliens are better movies than The Love Guru or Miley Cyrus' latest "gem"?

Quality transcends genre. I would hope that most everyone respects and understands quality when they see it, regardless of genre.

All that said...

Halo will probably sell more. The Halo name is a sales juggernaut.

But I personally can't wait to play GoWIII - my most anticipated game this year so far.

kewlkat0073601d ago

I like to think "quality" is always in a "supposed" state."believed or said by some people to be true, although you may not agree with this"

2 different games in different Genres will appeal to different people. Some play Shooters and think Halo is great, while some play GOW and think that is bomb.

Yes, opinions are formed in the end about each. Arguing which is the better game; is pointless.

Yeah ,I expect Halo to sell great but plenty are waiting for GOW, as well. After playing "Bayonetta" I'll be wanting to play GOW a little bit more since that is my second loved genre.

HammockGames3601d ago

Should be two great games.

It's a no lose situation.

vhero3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Halo is bigger in Europe simples. I say that as a fan of Sonys machine (not fanboy as I don't hate 360 just hate MS) GOW over here isn't big and will sell huge in US only whereas HALO well sell huge worldwide. However FF13 will outsell them both so I don't see the point. Europe is what will tip the balance for MS in the GOW/Halo battle I'm afraid.

Darrius Cole3601d ago

Halo: Reach is going to sell more it's a no-brainer. God of War III is going to look better in motion as has every other PS3 first-party exclusive.

People must not realize that Halo is the single factor that makes the Xbox platform possible. No Halo, No Xbox. No Xbox, Halo still sells 10 million copies on whatever platform it appears on.


IT will never happen!GOW3 nor GT5 will outsell Halo Reach, it's a no brainer! The past GT games sold a whole load because of its bigger install base, thats it!

No ps3 exclusive has sold more than Halo 3, so dont get it twisted because like i said, GOW3 nor GT5 will sell better than Halo Reach.

As in quality, now we can compare them. Probably GOW3 is going to have better quality in terms of graphics, but i wouldnt leave Halo Reach down because their going to use a new engine! But graphics dont make a game, neither do sales.

Now lets take a look at the mulitplayer quality which in my opinion is what matters the most in a game!! What game are people going to be playing the most after years of Release! Yup its Halo Reach!!

Just take a look at Halo 3! its been 2+ years since release and its in the top three most played games on XBL!! Dam people even still Play Halo 2 online! "including me"

So my question to ps3 fangirls would be, "GOW3 better in quality as in what"

Its surely not multiplayer quality and maybe graphics,maybe!!!

Myze3601d ago


"The past GT games sold a whole load because of its bigger install base, thats it!"

Why do people keep saying this? GT3 was released about a year after the ps2 came out and it's install base was less than the ps3's is now, and it sold over 15million copies. Unless this article is about first day/week sales (which mean nothing compared to first year/lifetime sales), I would say Reach is the underdog.

Reach will definitely outsell GoW3, but since they are completely different genres, I don't understand the comparison. If they are gonna compare different genres, why not compare the two games that will sell the most for each console. Unless, of course, the website is so completely stupid to have that top 10 list of theirs be in order, and actually have GT5 as the 10th best seller this year.

People here seem to be expecting Halo: Reach to outsell Halo 3. That will not happen. It may sell as many copies, but even that I doubt. Halo 3 has sold about 10.5-11mil, and I would guess Reach would get to about 8mil after 6 months. Of course, when you spend $50mil on advertising, I guess you better hope your game sells well (I don't know how much they will actually spend, but at $50mil, if they made $40 on every purchase (not even near that much, but still), >1mil copies could be taken away from the total).

Like someone has already said though, GoW3 and Reach are being released like 8 months apart, so who in the hell cares what their sales comparison looks like? They aren't competing with each other at all.

SilentNegotiator3601d ago

1) They're releasing at least 5 months apart.
2) They're completely different genres.

Bigpappy3601d ago

If more people buy Halo, that means more people believe it is the better game. How do people even think that their opinion of was is better here on N4G is more important that the people who actually make their choice by putting their hard earned money behind it. If people think GOW is better than Halo, why in the world would they buy Halo and not GOW? Think about what you are saying and remove the fanboy goggles so you can think clearly before typing nonsense.

Jinxstar3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

@ Bigpappy.

If more people buy crappy wii shovelware or games like Wii Fit it must mean they are better games then games like Gears of war or Killzone 2 right? By your logic anyway...

Just because more people believe it does not make it true. I personally hate Final Fantasy, Gran Turismo, Halo, Mass Effect and Metal gear solid.Doesn't lower the quality of the games... I know where my money is going though.

Sub4Dis3600d ago

How can you make such an idiotic statement like "GoW is better" when we have seen NO gameplay footage of Halo.

does anyone ever think before they talk on this site?

so sick of this "my system is better than yours" mentality. quit being a fanboy and get both systems and then you can have the best of both worlds. and, if you're unwilling to do that, then go play your ONE system and stop expressing blind opinions on subjects you know nothing about.

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Kalowest3601d ago

Not this again, and so soon in the New Year.

N4PS3G3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Stupid article... why?

Master Chief is not a playable character (at least what we know) on Halo: Reach ... so how is this and MC Vs Kratos fight..when MC is not even there lol

Should be Kratos VS Noble Team

swiftshot933601d ago

It would suck if we didnt get to see the chief though.

OT: Of course Halo will sell more. On another note the Gameinformer story on Reach is supposed to have a lot of details on the game and should give us an idea of where the game is heading. Also, the GOWIII embargo thats supposed to be amazing is being lifted January 18th, so theres that.

RememberThe3573601d ago

They must have read your comment, because now the title is different.

xx SgtP3pp3r xx3601d ago

If the multi player for Reach is anything like Halo 3 then we can be very happy come release.

Socrates3601d ago

Yep, even though I am only average at it I keep going back to Halo because it is so well made and fun. It is one of the few games from two years ago that I still feel like playing regularly.