PS3 Controller with Rumble in Development

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We've written extensively of the court case between Sony and Immersion and its potential impact on the peripherals business for the PS3. While we've been featured on Immersion's own press site, we assure our readers that we have no affiliation or vested interests in the company. Right before GDC, this court battle came to a fruitful conclusion for both parties involved. Having lost the initial court case, and the subsequent appeal, Sony cut its loss and settled with Immersion, using the opportunity to ink a new licensing deal.

All in all, this proved to be a very positive move from a PR perspective, and cleared the path to the potential re-introduction of rumble support in future iteration of the SIXAXIS controller for the PS3.

Many have suspected that since the agreement, Sony will have been working on a new controller with rumble support. We can now confirm that this is the case. We've heard from two independent sources at Sony that they have been working on prototypes for several months.

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drtysouf214738d ago

hope they do a firmware update to allow rumble for resistance fall of man!

Satanas4738d ago

Hopefully they offer some kind of trade in for original controllers. If not, I'll probably have to pass...need to spend that money on games.

DJ4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

it's too clunky and lacks context. I'm hoping that they put in the next-generation force feedback that Immersion was danglin' in front of Sony back in October, especially since Immersion claims that this form of FFB can be cancelled out of SixAxis motion control functions.

What really worries me is how they're going to handle having a new controller when 3.7 million people already own the FFB-less version. Maybe they'll release online forms where you can enter the serial number from your PS3 system and be eligible for one free FFB controller. It would be seen as a great PR move, despite the initial cost.

drtysouf214738d ago

what it would be because immersion is the one that told sony that their next gen version would not interfere with the motion controls of the sixaxis.

Watkins4738d ago

Not that I care, never liked rumble, it just feels fake. But I know that others do, and I only got two controllers, next one will prolly include rumble, if they hurry up and release it

goonerfied4738d ago

yet another reason for me to get a ps3

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The story is too old to be commented.