First Mass Effect 2 Review - OXM

The new OXM (Official Xbox Magazine - February 2010) features world first Mass Effect 2 review.

+ Enveloping universe filled with interesting characters and revealing side stories.

+ Outstanding, flexible combat in gorgeous environments.

- Main story is a bit disappointing; dull element mining and hacking.

? Why do characters cry oil slicks?


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Elven63945d ago

Kinda tempted by Mass Effect 2, I was hyped for the first one, even bought it day one but was kind of disappointed by it due to the technical issues, rehashed content (such as reskined planets), etc.

But then again, Assassin's Creed II so far is much better than the first game since it fixed what was wrong with it, perhaps Mass Effect 2 will do the same?


for me ( I SAID JUST FOR ME) was really boring. I didn't like the combat at RPG elements. Graphics were good, even if the framerate sucks. Im going to play the second to see 4 myself if it is really better and not an overhyped game by the 360 fans. If it convince me maybe I buy it. But if you liked the first one this one is really a MUST BUY no matter the score it gets. Its a thing of preference and everybody have different tastes.


topdawg1223945d ago

I'm sure it will be much better than the first

kalebgray923945d ago

i had a 360 first before i got my ps3 and gears 1 and mass effect 1 were some of the greatest games... since then there hasn't been a game on 360 that has shocked me but mass effect 2 might just do it ....

RememberThe3573945d ago

I cannot wait for this game!

Harry_Manback3945d ago (Edited 3945d ago )

All I remember is loading...crash....pop up textures...loading...crash...e tc, etc.
Got ME2 pre-ordered. Hopefully, I'm not disappointed.

97gsx3945d ago

I have mass effect 2 on pre order and today I decided to replay mass effect since I upgraded to the elite a little over a year ago and lost my save. THE DAMN THING RED RINGED. So sad I wont be able to play this on release.

WildArmed3945d ago

ME1 was amazing imo.
Game just slowed down TOO much sometimes for long non-combat parts.

Other then that It was a great game.
I can see why people could call it boring, but it's really kickass.

captain-obvious3945d ago (Edited 3945d ago )

cant wait to play it on MY brand new rig
finally im DX11 combatable

DelbertGrady3945d ago

The first Mass Effect was the best RPG I have played this gen. I've replayed it twice and it was rewarding each and every time. Didn't find the minor glitches gamebreaking at all. In fact, I didn't pay attention to them until people started reporting them.

Mass Effect 2 is my most awaited game of 2010. Can't wait!

Danja3945d ago

ME1 was amazing even with the technical probs , it was still a great game and is my fave 360 game so far ... Can't wait to play this one

Saaking3945d ago

The only game I'll be buying this month. Great way to start the year.

Tony P3945d ago

Cool score.

Although I would have picked it up no matter what it scored.

Socrates3945d ago

A lot of PS3 fans in here stealth trolling, so what else is new?
However, a few of them are leaving positive comments with no strings attached and that is appreciated.

Anyway, this is by far one of the games I am looking forward to most this year. The first one is a true gem of gaming and I have no doubt that Bioware have improved many things for the sequel. I can't wait.

IdleLeeSiuLung3945d ago (Edited 3945d ago )

There are some technical issues with the first ME, but you will soon forget them since the game is so darn good. None of the issues are game breaking (not even close), but it is a little annoying. I'm playing it right now in anticipation of the second one. That is a great score so I'm expecting a great experience!!!

The Limited Edition of ME2 is already sold out at numerous places.... This game, Alan Wake and Halo:Reach is the biggest game of the year for me.

Socrates3945d ago

I think the technical issue thing has been latched onto by fanboys and way, way overexaggerated. There was some slowdown in 'places', but um.. that is pretty much true of a lot of games. (I saw similar kinds of slowdown in some parts of Killzone 2, for example). There was also a little texture pop-in here and there, but nothing too noticeable.

All in all, though, I thought it was a gorgeous game. The textures were awesome, the character models were nearly CGI-like, and the effects and overall look of the game was just nice.

vhero3945d ago

Honestly I know the game is gonna be great but was OXM ever gonna give this game under 9.5 no matter how bad/good it was gonna be?? simple answer... NO... They need this game to sell very well on 360 otherwise it would have to come to PS3 as the rights are now owned by never exclusive EA. So they are gonna push it like crazy. You can bet your back side a lot of high up reviewers are gonna get "incentives" too when they review this game like with Halo 3.

Enate3945d ago (Edited 3945d ago )

I loved the first one but it wasn't without me seeing its flaws. Unengaging pointless side missions and boring planet exploration. An the biggest thing for me was the story wasn't long enough. The majority of the length came from you getting lost in general or in other things besides the main story. Of which you only got a bit of most of the time then it was back to going here an there. Still one of my favorite WRPG's as I've beaten it now 7 times and I'm on my 8th before the 2nd comes out.

pixelsword3945d ago (Edited 3945d ago )

I want to make sure this runs great. ME1 and Gears for PC were the better choices as well from what I read. So far from his review it seems like there's no problems, so maybe it's not going to be so bad this time around.

gamer20103945d ago


You know, Demon's Souls has lot of little nit pick issues like that as well but it is the overall experience that matters.
Mass Effect was an amazing experience overall.

Cold 20003945d ago (Edited 3945d ago )

Oh shut up already. I bet you take away all the 10/10 for KZ2 from playstation magazines and you get a 80/100 on metacritic. And according to your logic a lot of sites must have got "incentives" for MGS4 for it not to go multiplat.

on topic: 2 weeks left before I get my hands on this master piece!! :)

White-Sharingan3945d ago (Edited 3945d ago )

@ Socrates- You must of been playing the PC version, the 360 version really does have too much technical issues ;\ they should of delayed it for a few months to fix that, extreme loadings, texture loading. Hell once I saw a "dead" guy shooting at me, i couldnt kill him so I did lift, i killed him while he was in the air and he died in a awkward position (kinda like sitting down), after a few seconds, the body disappeared...saying ME1 didnt have much technical issues (360 version) will just make you sound like a fanboy, you can still like a game while acknowledging its problems. I know every game has these types of problems, but ME1 takes it to another level, alongside Haze. Regardless of that, its still a solid title and one of my fav game son 360, seeing ME2 videos im confident they fixed this, I didnt really see much slowdowns or glitches, looks a lot better this time around. Buying it first day.

EDIT: great example

heroprotagonist3945d ago

Sad to say I played this game late, much after most people had played it. By the way some people talked I thought I would see lots of glitches and stuff in the 360 version I got, but I hardly noticed anything. Just some slowdown and a little screen tearing, which are things many games suffer from. I remember playing Uncharted on my PS3 and I saw lots of screen tearing and some slowdown in some places too, but it didn't hurt things too bad. Mass Effect was just a brilliant game and knowing that they have worked to improve those issues is nice but I would have happily bought the game anyway.

HighDefinition3945d ago (Edited 3945d ago )

But, this is definitely getting bought by me on day one, this and SC:C. As much as I enjoyed the 1st MassEffect, it did have some pretty ridiculous/annoying problems and I hope like AC2 they fix the problems w/ the 2nd iteration. The biggest problem was the planets w/ side missions literally looked the same and those elevators were annoying.

BTW, Where the F**k is Alan Wake? I haven`t heard anything about that game in a while.

Solidus187-SCMilk3945d ago (Edited 3945d ago )

even with its problems it was still a great game for 2007.

this one looks like its improving alot of the problems from the first so it should be great.

lots of haters who dont have a 360 in here.

Edit -- hey pixel, dont forget the PC versions of mass effect and gears1 were months and a year later than the games were out on xbox.


Great game ONLY for the 360!

PS3 fangirls seem to be hella buthurt!!

ps3 fangirl "oh ima play this multiplat on the pc"

ha ha ha! yea right!! How on earth are you guys going to buy a game for the PC if you guys dont even buy your own PS3 exclusives!!! FACT!!!! "look at ps3 exclusives sales"

lociefer3945d ago (Edited 3945d ago )

any1 who says mass effect sux is a fanboy coz this game is really aweosome, mass effect 2 will be off the chain , +if u hate the 360 so much get it on pc, this game dosent deserve ur fanboy hate

starchild3945d ago

I love all Bioware games. At least all the ones I have played. Started playing their games on the PC and their mastery has only grown over time. Mass Effect 2 will be on the short list for my game of the year.

Udidntlistenpunk3945d ago (Edited 3945d ago )

Even Ninja Blade received a triple A status from them. They have proven to be untrustworthy.

Especially when they list main story as disappointing, which is the only thing that matters in role playing games.

Traveler3945d ago

Mass Effect is one of my favorite games ever. I can't explain some of the feelings it gave me, so I'll just say that I loved it and leave it at that. ME2 is my biggest game this year so this month is very special to me.

Enate3945d ago

Believe me I know that otherwise I wouldn't have beaten the game as many times as I have. I'm just pointing out the things I hope get better. As for my main point with the story I don't think that is nit picking as the most important aspect of an rpg is the story. An although what was there I loved it I want more of it. Overall it just felt like the story elements were to few an to short with a few exceptions. As for Demon Souls I wouldn't know have not an do not plan to play it currently despite rpgs being my favorite genre I just don't think it looks like the type of rpg for me. As I said I'm all about good long story an as far as I know Demon Souls barely has a story at all. Not saying its bad but its just not for me.

AAACE53945d ago

I keep trying to finish ME 1 so that I can get ME 2, but this damn MW 2 won't let me go!

NeoBasch3944d ago

Mass Effect 2 is my 2nd most anticipated game of the year. Behind only Heavy Rain. The original was a landmark in storytelling and narrative design. Much in the same way Uncharted was. I like to view those two franchises as the pinnacle of this generation. Microsoft better hold onto Mass Effect. Right now, in my opinion, it is the only franchise worth a damn compared to Uncharted.

Day one buy for me. Can't wait! :D

Christopher3944d ago

I enjoyed the first and really just hope for a better story.

I'm confused because they say in the article one thing and another in the conclusion in regards to the quality of the story.

Also, sad to see so much emphasis on mining compared to the first game. Wouldn't mind having seen some reduction in equipment being gained, but it seems the second game will be more about wasting time looking for components for upgrades outside of the normal story/combat, which is a cheap way to inflate overall game time, IMHO.

Still, can't wait for the 26th.

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RadientFlux3945d ago

Good review, I look forward to continuing the story. Only downside is there will probably be another 2 year wait for the next/final chapter in the saga.

elpresador3945d ago

...if you release a game 1 year after its predecessor, you will get the fanboys panties in a bunch saying that it is nothing more than DLC or even just an expansion.

Mucudadada3945d ago

I just bought it for PC and already know I love it. I need to hurry up and beat the first one so I can be ready to play this one on my roommates 360.

k2d3945d ago

'guess there's a bunch of people having a go at ME1 right now?

Playing it on my on my PC and I'm loving the immersion! <3

LtSkittles3945d ago (Edited 3945d ago )

Haha @ disagrees

she00win99 has no life :)


What's wrong with only having a PS3?

shutupandplay3945d ago

Alan Wake, Mass Effect 2, Fable 3, Crackdown 2, Halo Reach, Splinter Cell Conviction, Metro 2033, PD XBLA. Aside from those, your right, no games. Move along folks, just another PS3-only loser.

N4PS3G3945d ago


You can also add

Kingdom Under Fire II
Ninety Nine Nights

but please don't! It would be too humiliating for him

Mo0eY3945d ago


Please tell me you are kidding. Another Halo game, Mass Effect 2, Splinter Cell Conviction, Metro 2033, all multiplatforms, a remake of Perfect Dark, Crackdown 2 which the first was only popular thanks to Halo, and finally Fable 3, an unannounced game for 2010.

LOL, what a crock.

shutupandplay3945d ago

Mooey, you can try to spin it all you want, but the fact remains: All the games I listed are all part of 360`s lineup, and are not available on ps3...and what are you puffing your chest over? GoW3, GT5 and Heavy Rain? The 360 is bringing way more to the table than ps3 in 2010, including Natal. Stop kidding yourself son.

Pandamobile3945d ago

N4PS3G - All Points Bulletin is a PC exclusive.

Foliage3945d ago

@ shutupandplay
I think he meant good games. You mentioned one good game, two if you stretch facts.

Face it, 360 has very few good games. ME2 score will be inflated, since it is the first game in years that is actually good on the 360 console, and the Eastern media will take any opportunity to mask the limited 360 lineup. Like the first, expect ME2 to be very good in a select few areas, and very very bad in everything else. I hope the mechanics of ME2 are at least fine tuned, since the first was a complete disaster.

ATi_Elite3945d ago

Mass effect on the PC was a great game. Not my style of play, if the FPS part of the game was more FPS than duck n cover I might have kept it.

Mass effect 2 most likely another 360 straight port to PC meaning worse controls and limited gameplay. therefore I won't even buy Mass effect 2 this time.

At this rate with the 360 ports to PC and all, PS3 is looking better and better.

3945d ago
Socrates3945d ago

Wrong! 360 has a ton of games. More, in fact, than the PS3 does.

PS3 has fewer games overall and fewer good games. The 360 has 301 games that have a metacritic score of 75 or better (which is their cutoff for a good game), the PS3 on the other hand only has 207. That is a huge difference.

Oztheboss3945d ago


for someone who tells people to "shut up and play", you do a lot of b*tching and moaning on the internet. don't feed the trolls.

ChrisW3945d ago (Edited 3945d ago )

All consoles have no games!


Sir Ken_Kutaragi3945d ago

...the P.C Version(which i can buy)will be a 10/10??? COOL!!! ;-D

Comet3945d ago

God of War 3
Gran Turismo 5
White Knight Chronicles
The Last Guardian
Heavy Rain
MAG: Massive Action Game
ModNation Racers
The Last Rebellion
Final Fantasy XIII Versus
L.A. Noire
The Agency
Trinity Universe
Atelier Rorona
3D Dot Heroes
Steambot Chronicles 2
Ar Tonelico 3
Trinity: Zill O'll Zero
DC Universe Online
Dynasty Warriors Online
Yakuza 3
Yakuza 4

Soon to come-
Resistance 3
Twisted Metal
New Kingdom Hearts
MLB 10: The Show
NBA 10: The Inside

(List excludes some great PlayStation Network games)

Notice how there's no Halo 6, MW2, or L4D2

starchild3945d ago

The 360 list would be massive if you included all the lesser games, but we're talking about major releases, not no name games that nobody cares about. Most of the PS3 list is filled with games that few people will care about. The only major releases on the PS3 that have been more or less confirmed for 2010 are GOW3, GT5 and maybe Heavy Rain.

The 360's lineup just kills the PS3 lineup with example after example of huge AAA games.

chrisulloa3945d ago

He's totally right guise, 360 has like one game.

Udidntlistenpunk3945d ago

I am looking forward into playing the superior mass effect 2 for the PS3.


bennyace3945d ago (Edited 3945d ago )

As soon as an xbox 360 game gets a good review to see all the PS3 fanboys in full damage control! Just look at the amount of comments on this article, most of them from PS3 fanboys. hahahaha. Even if a game get a good score on the 360 it doesn't take anything from your beloved PS3. So funny. And to read that some fanboys are willing to play it on a PC because it's going to be, according to them, the "superior" version!? You shouldn't bother because the games on the 360 aren't any good, so why play it on a PC. Oh, I know because of the graphics. Because we all know that better graphics = better game. That's why, when we see a top 50 games of all time none of the current generation games are in the top 5. Anyway, I'll play it anytime on my 52" lcd sitting on my recliner before playing it on a cpu monitor sitting on an office chair.

But, if it makes you feel more secured that you didn't miss a chance to bash a good 360 game and it helps you sleep at night, go ahead. But you won't stop anyone from playing it!!! hahahaha.

sak5003945d ago


"Betatest that game for us, bots.
I am looking forward into playing the superior mass effect 2 for the PS3.

Yes i'm sure just like 99% cross plat games look and do better on ps3 /sarc

Government Cheese3945d ago

Technically it is just a timed exclusive for PC.

The Maxx3944d ago

"Notice how there's no Halo 6, MW2, or L4D2"

No but i did notice:
God of War 3
Gran Turismo 5
Final Fantasy XIII Versus
Steambot Chronicles 2
Ar Tonelico 3
Yakuza 3
Yakuza 4
Resistance 3

ChrisW3944d ago

The PC has no games!!! BWAAHAHAAA!!!

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N4PS3G3945d ago (Edited 3945d ago )

what?! 9.5?! not a 10?!

Preorder Canceled!! :D

Who Am i kidding? haha 1st day!! Can't wait!

RPG of the Year and Possibly Game of the Year too!


my copy to a friend of mine. So I hope that my thanks for downloading it from Pirate Network is worth this game. LOL!!!

A bad joke...

Really a great score and a good game to start the year for xbox only owners.


gamer20103945d ago

OMG he is getting disagrees because he said it possibly could be game of the year or is the best RPG. Well, for him it might be. And even among the media I think that might be the case. I think it has a good chance of outscoring Final Fantasy XIII and there really isn't any other RPG anywhere close to the same level. And if you can't see that it has a good shot of being in the running for GOTY then you simply are not aware of bioware's pedigree.

bjornbear3945d ago (Edited 3945d ago )


still, awsum score =) ME was always franchise that interested.