Hello Kitty Online is in Open Beta, Oh Hamburgers

Aeria Games and Sanrio Digital's MMO 'Hello Kitty Online' is actually in Open Beta as of now and Gossipgamers is sure that all 'South Park' Butter fans is jumping all over it right now.

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Supa3600d ago

OMG! Yes! I've been waiting for a Hello Kitty MMO so I can meet Hello Kitty and all her friends!

Sarcasm aside, are they really trying to get little kids addicted to MMO's nowadays? I mean, know there's Neopets et al, but Hello Kitty is like catnip for little kids man. Someone think of the kids lives!

Kushan3600d ago

No, it's clearly an attempt to grab the paedophile market.

Johnny Rotten3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

lol, you here that CALL of DUTY... even Hello Kitty has a beta.

JD_Shadow3600d ago

Do you think it'll have dedicated server support, too?

hihosilver3600d ago

Yes finally a real game HELLO KITTY TEAM DEATH MATCH. can't w8

TenSteps3600d ago

Game of the Year confirmed eat your hearts out haters.

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The story is too old to be commented.